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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Few Hours in Time

The telephone rang yesterday and I was asked by a dear friend if I cared to accompany her into Kingston and do a little bit of shopping at the new Quilt Store that opened up.   Actually it isn't new, but it is.  A merger by two large and popular quilt shops The Quilters' Choice and The Perfect Stitch both in Kingston amalgamated into a rather large and attractive "new" quilt shop.  It is now called The Quilt and Stitch. 

Now you know I really don't need more fabric, but, to my absolute delight I found what I just had to have and bought a meter of it, that meter cost $19.98 Can. whoa camel, but textile prices sure have risen.

I have been saving pennies for a new and improved sewing machine and a Tin Lizzie 18 which has me drooling.  I looked at the sewing machines in the new Shop yesterday, but in all truth these didn't excite me as much as the Industrial Bernina I saw at my repairmans' shop, Eric of V.B. Simkins Sewing Machines has the bang for my buck that I have found.  So I must learn to become much more thrifty than I currently am and do nothin but save, save, save.  Not too easy to do when your in a beautiful new Quiltp shop and you just have to have some more fabric which you don't need but just have to have!
Believe it or not, when a crafter makes something for sale and you see the price you must take into consideration the cost of materials that make up this piece.  Hours of work and other incidentals that go into the piece aren't even considered by most.  Sometimes I wonder how cottage industrues survive.  Makes one stop and think though does it not?

TODAY I plan on cleaning up this sewing and computer area.  I am moving in my new computer desk and will have to rearrange the entire room to accomodate its placement, it is exciting, but I really don't want to have to do the moving.  I will have to take some pictures once I have the final set up arranged and ready to go.  I can't take too long at this because I have obligations to complete orders, but honestly feel that if I do not rearrange this all now and put away all of the fabrics I have pulled out all over the place I won't be further ahead I'll end up further behind.

Off to move furniture.  Wish me luck!


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