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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Closer It Gets

You know the closer it gets, the busier everyone becomes!  Yes, February is fast approaching, nothing can really stop it, and I am so far behind it's making me nervous!  I actually spent more time in meetings this week than at the sewing machine... there is a saying from away back and who said it, I just don't know, but it goes like this "the road to hell is paved with good intentions", can you guess where it is I am headed?

I did absolutely no sewing this Thursday or Friday though I had every intention and plans to do so.  The Frost Fest Savenger Hunt got the better of me and I spent those days thinking, planning, talking, and replanning about it all.  We finally have a working ad set up on the Frost Fest web-site but my oh my I had no idea how detailed it all would become.  I thought it would be a simple activity, but, if you plan on families taking part and little ones enjoying the hunt, your mind must begin to think as children do.  I haven't done this type of thinking in nearly 30 years, come to think of it for me thinking could be dangerous!  Silly ole me!!!

Truth be told, I think now all that is left to do is the physicalities of the Hunt.  Registeration of teams, hiding the clues and the game pieces, getting the flags set up so they can spot the area where the clues are waiting for them and then setting these out very, very early Saturday Morning.  That means I have to press my alarm clock into service.  Hmmmmmmmm I wonder where the clock is...

Everyone on the Frost Fest Committee is working hard, these people are dedicated to this event and give much of their time and energies into making sure everything goes off without a hitch.   Making certain people enjoy the winter fun and make a few sheckles to turn back to the community too.   THIS year I hope to eat my first Beaver Tail too!!!  Beaver Tail you ask, here is what it is essentially, nicely described for you from Jens' Food & Whine Blog - you'll love her blog if you love food and wine!  We will have two locations for those favorite sought after treats this year that is how popular these have become.  Here is a picture of a Beaver Tail borrowed from Jens' Food & Whine Blog

Now it is time I stopped playing and get into my day, I already have supper cooking in the crock pot, the dishes being washed in the dishwasher, time to shower and dress, make and eat brunch with mother, and after all that to make my way back to the sewing machine, if I ever want my donations ready for this years Frost Fest.

Again, if your reading this your like me, we're above ground and lets enjoy this blessing today.


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