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Monday, January 25, 2010

Rain, Rain

It has rained all night and all day today and the snow is quickly fading away.  Well so I thought, but the wind has come up and the temperatures are dropping fast, but having gone hunting for the long range forecast, it leaves hope for good winter weather for our Towns Frost Fest.  Our ice down at the Bay was like glass up until last nights rain.  With the dropping temperatures and the snow forecast to be on its way gives hope that the glass conditions of the ice rink will once again make a reappearance.

Yesterday I took the plunge, I joined BIG CRUMBS to avail myself and anyone else I know of the great savings offered through it. It hooks up my online Esty Shop and affords me an opportunity to provide discounts to buyers willing to buy my hand made tote bags and quilted items.  One can but hope it will help me to become a saver as well as an earner.  People who shop online may as well benefit from the savings as well as those retailers gaining more custom.  What a great combination.   When you see the amount of savings you can snare shopping through that site and how much earners can earn, well its positively exciting.  I couldn't help but join.   480 Retailers registered to date all offering huge savings.  People refer other people who shop online anyway why not allow everyone to make a buck or two. Small entrepeneurs like myself really benefit.  I am hoping to do well with it.  Retailers and consumers working in concert and each benefiting from the exercise.

Having said that I needed to make time to list more inventory at the Esty shop which I have done, I feel much better now for having done just that.  Once Frost Fest is over and done with I can finally go back to my beloved quilting, two weeks and counting.

Once I find more time to steal from my to do list I will post pictures of all the totes and bags I have been finishing.

In the meantime I have been thinking about giraffes, those wonderful graceful long necked creatures with legs to have made Betty Grable jealous.  These creatures are my most favorite of all in the Animal Kingdom.    I discovered MongaBay a web site and interview with Jeremy Hance a giraffe expert and Dr. Julian Fennessey.  Want to be in awe, go see the photography.  

In the meantime while your being captivated with my Giraffes I will leave and get back to the work I must do.  Have a wonderful day what is left of it on your side of the computer screen and remember if your reading what it is I have written, then we're both above ground and very blessed.


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