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Friday, January 8, 2010

Another New Year Begins

Happy New year everyone.

I have been thinking of deleting my blog because it is so boring!!!! With this being the beginning of a new year, possibly I can learn to become a more interesting read? Who knows?

This Thanksgiving mother and I decided to take ourselves on a little journey.  Mother at 87 years young managed to drive shotgun with me all the way to Ft. Meyers, Florida.  By the time our month was almost over we were on the way back to Canada.  It was alot of driving but I admit to loving every moment of the time I spent on my journey.  Look at this splendiforous tree at one of those rest stops,

Look, I discovered cotton fields in bloom and coy and turtles in Shopping malls

I nick-named this one Myrtle.  So many things we saw and did while visiting there, but we were so happy to return to Seeley's Bay.

With the onslaught of 2010 there are already too many obligations on my schedule, and time spent for myself is becoming premium.   So I have enlisted the help of the other "me" and hopefully I can keep up with her...

The annual Seeley's Bay Frost Fest is coming again - oh boy a ton of fun and games in a winter setting are once again being planned, and more and diversified activities are added. The committee members are excited about their quest once again to make this a stellar year. Each and every dollar earned during Frost Fest will be returned back into the community, so virtually everyone in our community becomes a winner.   IF your interested in the events and activities planned for this years annual event you can get there by clicking on the Frost Fest Link in the links section of this blog.

I'm pretty sure I told you I now am living in Seeley's Bay, Ontario, which is located in the heart of Rideau Heritage country.  I'm adding some intresting links about this wonderful place in the links section just in case your interest has been triggered. These sites explore the wonders of this region I now live and play in.  I must tell you that Ken Watson is wonderful, his site is chock full of interesting information, image gallery of scenic wonders throughout, links to other numerous sites for destinations within the region and so very much more.  This mans site is so informative and interesting.  I do hope you'll think about visiting our region one day soon.  Why not take in the Annual winter activities and fun offered by our 2010 Frost Fest?

Since I make no real resolutions when each new year rolls around I once again didn't bother this year either.  However, I feel guilty for taking up this space and not blogging on a daily basis, if for no other reason than to let you know I am here and what trouble I may have managed to get myself involved in.   So in spite of not having made a resolution I will make every effort to come here every day and let you discover what I am up to.

Since moving here I have managed to join a few committees and the Seeley's Bay Lions Club.  As last year, I have undertaken to make totes for giveaway prizes and a few other articles which I hope may become sellers and earn me back some of the costs so that I may replace my materials.   This will be fun seeing as I only have a few weeks left to complete these tasks. 

I also volunteered (yes, I volunteered) to run a new activity event for the frost fest, a virtual scavenger hunt - now this should be fun, or at least I am hoping others will try it and find it fun.

I am also diligently working on my Esty Shop to increase my stock.  This isn't going as fast as I thought it would, but I am working on it.   Looky - here is a new bag.

So, if your still reading and you think some of these dithers of mine will be interesting to follow, by all means please stick around, you never know when you'll catch me having a race to see which one of me will finish first.



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