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Monday, January 11, 2010

A Little About This and A Little About That

Two days into the new blogging regime and already I am slipping up.  Somehow though  Sunday managed to slip past me without time to accomplish too much.

I picked up a nail or something rather sharp and discovered a flat tire while out doing the weeks shopping for groceries on Saturday evening.  I arranged to have the tire changed and will get it into the garage to have it repaired sometime this week. My doorbell just kept ringing and people were coming and going all afternoon, even after dinner there was no let up and so it went until bed time.  

I have been trying to work the kinks out of the Scavenger Hunt I am planning to hold at our community Frost Fest.  It being a first time event, I would really like to see it become an annual event.  It really isn't easy to plan a scavenger hunt is it?  That old movie "My Man Godfrey" with Carole Lombard and William Powell back in 1936"  made it all seem so very easy and alot of fun.  I love old balck and white movies, don't you?

Todays' scavenger hunts must be a bit more sophisticated though because we just don't behave like they do in movies and those days of the 30's no longer exist now do they?
So I have stolen some ideas from others who have graciously put their methods on the internet for others to make use of and will be hiding frozen coloured muffins with pennies inside.  To find the muffin and collect the penny they must solve a riddle or a clue, allowing for the entire team to participate in the whole game.  I really am hoping this will be successful and a great deal of fun for all who will venture to play along.

Not only am I responsible for the Scavenger Hunt for Seeley's Bay 15th Annual Frost Fest,   but I am also a member of the Lions Club here in the Bay, I finished my Round Robin Quilt and pledged it as the First Prize in this years Seeley's Bay Lions Club Fund Raiser events.  All money derived from the sale of tickets on the quilt will go to benefit Guide Dogs Canada.  A very worthwhile charity for Lions, as Guide Dogs are much in demand for those without sight.   The picture I took isn't terrific but it will give you an idea of what it looks like.  It measures 64.5" X 64.5" Square. 

This Round Robin quilt left here with my concept of what I saw from my window where I lived on the east coast of Canada and what it is that I saw from that window.  All of the women in my Round Robin group went along with the idea I presented them with and this is the result.

At the quilts center is my immaginary neighbours house across the road. Obviously it is a work day because my neighbours' quilts/blankets,  as Maritimers are want to name them are hanging out being aired before putting them back on the beds.
From my window I can see the garden in all of the four seasons of the year.   The garden extends into the forest beyond and from that forest the trail leads you to the sand dunes which extend themselves out into the Bay of Fundy

It is my hope that many others will like this unique quilt enough to buy lot of tickets so that this year we may present Guide Dogs with more money to train new puppies who will grow up to become Super Guide Dogs for those who are in need of these wonderful animals, who give of themselves 24/7 with total adoration and service.  What more could I ask of this quilt to give but its warmth and my immagination and a Guide Dog?

The Four Seasons


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