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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back To Bags

Since Frost Fest is over I can now complete some of the listed items on my to do list which have been in the works waiting my attention.  Now it is catch up time and projects which I had on my to do list need to be completed. 

It has been a few weeks since I tackled the totes waiting to be made, so this morning I got busy quilting the fabric and made this one, with long and sturdy shoulder straps.  I also decided to make this one using a different technique than is normal for me.  I am pleased with how it turned out.  This fabric was chosen for this tote by my friend in British Columbia who I went to school with in the late 50's.  Ouch, saying this out loud makes me feel old.  Its size makes a very practical bag for everyday use and come spring she'll begin toting it around to be certain.

It measures  16" in its width by a height of 11 1/2" and a depth of 2 1/2", long comfortable sturdy straps compliment this bag making it more a shoulder bag than a tote.   I incorporated lots of pockets to hold a variety of items, its width was chosen so that a bottle or two of wine could be transported even though the pockets would be filled.

Not too shabby, good length straps and lots of pockets and strong to last a long, long time and totally machine washable.
Back to sewing now.

Have a wonderful FRIENDTASTIC DAY.


  1. The fabric is simply gorgeous, and the bag is beautiful.

  2. Thank you Pat, it is so nice to receive a compliment from a talented quilter such as yourself.

  3. Beautiful fabric! An excellent bag.


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