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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

After Ground Hog Day!

I remember yesterday telling you all about the birth of my Great Nephew and promising to send pictures, well, here he is.

May I introduce you to my Great Nephew, CARTER born on February 1st, 2010. Here is the first official picture taken while being held by his Dad and Carter must be tired because he was sound asleep, only an hour after his arrival. I cannot wait to see him awake, what the colour of his eyes will be and his hair, which is nicely covered in this picture.

As promised, I also took pictures for you of the finished Pouch bags  made for the Life Sized Penguins of Seeley's Bay for Frost Fest Weekend.  Here they are, probably not the greatest but these are what I ended up making and these will be handy for many years of service.  These are 100% washable so they should hold up well.

The Penguins needed pouches this year - these life sized Penguins of Seeley's Bay wander around Town all weekend and hand out Penguin Pops (choclate suckers) to all of the children they see. They also have with them brochures with all of the listed events and activities happening during Drost Fest as well as a map and directions on where these locations are. SO this pouch is 10" by 12" and has a pocket in the front under the penguin fabric to facilitate the carrying of the brochures. and a plain solid inside to carry all of those delicious penguin pops.
This Penguin Pouch is a tad different, it has pockets on its interior and is 13 1/2" in height by a width of 12".
This is the inside of the black/white Penguin pouch it has lots of room for those Penguin Pops and two inner pockets to carry brochures. I hope these will be useful and the Committee likes them.
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