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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A New Adventure into E-Commerce

I did it, I finally took the time and found myself a domain of my own.  How this will play out in my forray into e-commerce I simply don't know.  Somehow, someway, somewhere there had to be a space for all of myself that I seem to be spreading around cyberspace!

My Etsy Shop has been up and running.  I wanted more than just a shop though.  Reading the help sections that Esty offers its patrons, I discovered an application I couldn't not explore.  The big THEY in business, say advertising is so very important, but how best to do that?  Today with the help of Soopsee a certified application for Etsy shop owners I might have accomplished that.

Through the wonderful Etsy Team who all really work hard to bring vendors and buyers together, doing their best to find wonerful applications for its vendors to make use of for their shops. Great ways for vendors and buyers and prospective buyers to interact with one another, not only does the team help a vendor to set up their shop but they go far and wide to find strategies and tips and techniques to help.  

Today I found myself some more help and in doing this, since I am not a computer saavy "Bill Gates" type of individual,  I discovered that any computer newbie can do it too.  Soopsee made it all so easy and at this time, it is also very affordable for me to set up a site.  Waiting too long I may possibly not done so if the costs involved had been much higher than they are at this point in time.  No matter what your shop sells, Soopsee can help you to obtain and maintain a web site to compliment your e-commerce site, your blogs, your facebook or twitter accounts and puts them all in one fine space for you and everyone else to see.   I know for a fact that Soopsees' team like Etsys' Team will guide you all of the way and should you need extra help, well, they'll give that as well.

Now my tiny shop is not only visible but has taken on a life of its own thanks to Soopsee, I have a web site.  Thanks to all those intelligent and computer saavy people that work there.  Don't forget, if I can do this, so can you! Drop by Etsy and Soopsee and see what they can do for your shop ideas and selling your handcrafted items.

I'm happy you stopped by this afternoon and if your reading my blog today, then like me your above ground.  I keep saying it's a blessing, because it really is.  Cheers for the moment, and I wish you a wonderful Friendtastic day.  Drop by again soon. 

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  1. Thank you for your kind comment about my hand-quilting on my blog today. (I was unable to reply to you via email as your profile is set to I figured I'd come here and thank you on your blog.) Have a great weekend.


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