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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Signature Quilt Finished

I cannot believe it but I have finished it on time and I am relatively pleased with how it turned out!  What do you think?
It was too windy yesterday this was the best of the pictures to share with you
Full length shot
I embroidered the recipients name on one corner and dated it on another with the remaining two cornerstones were embroidered with fun and leisure with little cars and bicycles and the other with the words "Thank You".
Folded and ready to wrap!
This fabric was used in the top, and there was enough for the back.
It measures 46" by 65", not a bad lap quilt size! There are still empty flying geese spaces for those who will be at the presentation this afternoon to sign it as well.  
I also believe I have found a place to lay my head down and sew to my hearts delight, but, pictures of where it is and what it looks like won't be share-able until tomorrow as the key is not available until then. 
I realize I have been absent from blogging for a bit, but needs must and seeking a place to move too as well as making every effort to complete this gift on time was paramount.   Coupled with all of this my Sciatica has been ever present and so painful, driving me crazy with the pain and mornings are the very worst of all but I am getting through it, I have no time to lay and suffer right now!  LOL
Now begins the rush to pack more boxes, give things away that I really do not need and to make an effort to unravel all of my needed possessions from this house as most of my things have been integrated into this household for over 20 year and also the need to find storage space all before the end of July, so please wish me luck in this endeavor. 
I have a table topper to finish and am so looking forward to completing it as it too is to be a gift.....How else can I work away at downsizing my stash if not to make these quilted items.  Only Tuesday I was sent home with another bag filled with wonderful bits of fabric (I know I should have turned it down, but my greed just wouldn't let me), with all of the fabrics I have been using I am no further ahead because now more has been added to the stash, but what fun, new to me fabrics to use up.  I really cannot wait for fall, a move, a new grand child, new sewing area and peace, how satisfying is that?
I so appreciate your being a follower, your comments are also much appreciated and I would dearly enjoy hearing from you no matter what it is you might wish to discuss.   

Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it.  ~Jacques Prévert


  1. The quilt turned out so nicely=== very pretty! Great job! I am glad to hear that you have found a place to call "Home", and look forward to pictures! We moved from our home of over 30 years a couple years ago-- and I am still unpacking boxes and trying to organize.. It takes a lot of time! :-)

  2. Your right, four years here some boxes are ready to go along! LOL More in another post. Thanks for your comments on the finished quilt. I am certain she was touched by it. Pictures to share of the presentation.


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