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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Where'd He Go?????

Very early yesterday while searching for fabric to use as backing from my stash, I discovered a large amount of paisley fabric I had forgotten about.  Because I need to layer my quilts on the large Lions Table over at the community center, I decided I sit and sew the whole day, the first day without plans for it in a long time and so I made these log cabin blocks.
Once I get the whole thing sewn together I will still need borders, but I couldn't resist sharing with you. 
The colors are red with green paisley print with unbleached muslin. (why don't digital cameras give true colors?) 
It will measure 58" by 58" once the last huge block is attached.  Then a nice wide border and it too will be ready to sandwich.
Log cabins are so quick and easy to sew up, the cutting is what takes a bit of time.  A huge pile of 2.5" strips and Bob's your uncle!  A Log Cabin quilt top.  Of course it will look so much nicer once the border is sewn on don't you think?
I am pleased with the layout, I didn't like the staggered look, nor the fields and furrows, I thought this looked good to me with good space for quilting.
I have lots of the paisley print left so I can have nice wide borders.
I think I could make some piping using the unbleached muslin along the paisley border, it might just look all right?  Have you ever used piping to enhance your quilts?
Getting this far was great but I was finally so tired and decided that I could cut and sew the borders this weekend.  
There wasn't much on tv so I went web surfing and stumbled across  Cathy Miller, the Singing Quilter.  I confess I had heard of her some years ago but never really went looking for her, but my web surfing led me to her web site. She's a good read and her travels are so interesting and the people she knows in the Quilting world is astounding. If you have time and want to meet this interesting woman, you can find her real easy just click here!  If you haven't met her before your infor a real treat, I decided she was someone I wanted to follow, so that means I get to be informed of all her adventures, she's actually making ready to go to Australia. 
For the most part my camera is always at the ready, I got these pictures of the storm last night.  What weird and wacky weather patterns we seem to be experiencing lately..... 
just before a loud clap of thunder this is what the sky outside looked like.   Then just as it happened on Wednesday evening another rainbow appeared above the Bay, only this one larger and more colorful than on Wednesday evening.  Can you believe it?  
Then, me being me, I just had to get myself out there to find that pesky leprechaun to see where he was going to hide that pot of gold, I figured two fantastically beautiful rainbows can't be happening all that often so there much be a leprechaun very near at hand, I was going to find him with that pot of gold this time and finally become rich!!!  For my foolishness all I got for my trouble was a good soaking, no hide nor hair of him or his pot of gold!!!! Sneaky little man disappeared into those sparkling green trees, and I lost him!  
Drat and double drat, but I did manage to snap off this beautiful picture of another much larger rainbow and a soaking......LOL Enjoy!
Thanks for stopping by to visit with me today, I sincerely hope your day will be filled with sunlight and laughter.
Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.  ~Guilaume Apollinaire


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