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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Isn't it Just Too Cold

Ouch, it is so cold out there!  The man who does our snow shoveling just came in the door, his beard frozen with ice cycles hanging from it, his face white from the frigid temperature.  It is -4F here up from -9F this morning, bone chilling cold and a slight wind to slice that cold right into you.  So glad your here with me, a hot cup of cocoa, coffee or tea at your side and warmth throughout the house, mmmmm that feels good!
I have plans to finish piecing Strawberry Fields today, though I thought that I would accomplish that yesterday and begin the sandwiching today, but I got carried away reading some of those talented and wonderful Quilter Bloggers out there.  A belated Happy Birthday to you Sue, of "I Sew Quilts" in the United Kingdom,( hoping it was a fantastic and special day!   I follow Sue's quilting blog and you can find her link in my "Blogs I Follow" list in the right column.  Sue helped me out with my question about her Klosjes blocks she is making, silly one that I am, forgot the dutch word for Kloss is spool!!!

These were Sue's Blocks that so intrigued me!

Back to reality today, and I must somehow squeeze in a visit to a Pampered Chef party this afternoon but that means having to dress and walk over to the Legion Branch that is sponsoring it, and with this cold bone chilling weather this just does not appeal to me, however I promised I would go and go I will!  
Think I will take my camera and take a few snaps, maybe there is something there of interest to share with you later today.
I dressed in so many layers that walking was awkward.  Our hostess Edith has prepared a wonderful pot of hot coffee and a carafe of tea with cheese and crackers as the nibblers with coconut macaroon cookies.  I went for the macaroons and a cup of coffee.  Yum.
Lisa, the lady from Pampered Chef and her daughter Grace began the party by handing out tickets for a prize, and so the next few hours began.  I have to admit, I ended up reading the recipe out loud and as I described wash step of the recipe, Lisa was able to demonstrate the items used for creating a Chocolate Strawberry Cake.  So many wonderful and useful baking items were displayed very cleverly  and ergonomically designed.  I bought two knives which I felt I just had to have.

Here is Lisa and her 12 year old daughter Grace who was a very experienced assistant.

This young lady visiting with her mum and Pampered Chef fan grandmother begins her training in becoming a world class shopper. 

Now it is back to my Frost Fest project which is never going to be finished if I don't stop.

Thanks for stopping by on such a bone chilling cold day, I hope you day like my day was a great one. 


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