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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some Of My Quilts

I promised to share some of the quilts I have made in the past several years, and I can see from looking back at these pictures that while I keep telling myself and everyone else that I like traditional quilt patterns, I can also tell you that I like one block quilts and possibly this is what I seem to be mixing up.  Possibly I am not as much a traditionalist as I think.

Some of these pictures are really not that great, but, in the early days I didn't have what you might call a good digital camera.  
Card Trick first quilt I ever made

Double Bed Sized Wedding Gift

I saw this "Autumn Nights" in a Quilt Magazine and made it, but, at this moment I am unable to tell you the name of the Quilt Designer, when I do find her name I will correct this omission.
Bear Paw - 116" X 116" Black/Cream
With Matching Pillow Shams

3D Pinwheel lap quilt
Another Quilt using Autumn Nights Pattern

My first tiny quilt using Log Cabin Blocks and trying our hand quilting

I made this from a pattern called Chicken Feed- Designer Unknown at this time

Professionally quilt by Kris Bowyer of Pennsylvania and she is a fantastic quilter, always try to pattern her quilting to match the theme of the quilt 

Scrappy Twin Sized Frost Fest Silent Auction Quilt

Flannel Backing for the Scrappy Twin
Now these are not all of my quilts, but, as I am not what you would term as being an organized person, my pictures are not all in one place to be useful.

After making quilts for awhile I began making quilted tote bags and other tiny totes and many, many of these have been sold.  One of these days I will have to go and try to integrate the beginning of this blog which is somehow locked up in Blogger and show you the totes I made.  See, even my blogs are unorganized and seemingly not of use.

I guess I should begin organizing not only my stash and other notions, but also my photo's, but that is for another time, when I have time, which I never seem to have.

Thanks for stopping by this afternoon, I really hope you stay with me, one of these days I may just get it all right. 


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