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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Back

Here I am, back again after many weeks, but I honestly have a reason for being absent. My wonderful pet of 15 years was so sick and neither the vet nor the medications she was taking could make her better.  Since December my precious lady has been battling some sort of bronchial infection, but after many treatments which were not working I finally had to put my princess out of her suffering, so I did this a week ago and I am still really mourning her passing it left me with a hole in my heart.  

She disliked having her photo taken but she was only 7 lbs. and when soaked she looked like a little rat....but really she was such a cuddle bug.

Here she is with my mother whom she adored and when granma was having a puff, she'd sit with her and keep her company.... once I find some close ups I will post these too. 

Play on in your heaven Mitzji-dog you'll be forever missed. 


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