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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Second Section of "Master Bentley's" Quilt

Just finished the second section of the quilt I spoke of this morning, not sure exactly where in the top lineup this section will go, but, at least I have another little bit accomplished on it.  I confess, it isn't too too difficult and I will never really become a designer.  This is afterall for a little person who I know won't be too judgmental so I am not being over critical with myself on this project. 
Possibly it isn't something you might do nor even approve of, but, it is my creation and I can live with it.

Here are both sections side by side.  What do you think, separate them and place them apart from each other within the top, or,keep them together?  

I need to find a choo choo train! 


  1. the LOVE is there and SHOWS so I like together Thomas Train choo choo?

  2. Thank you G'marockton,your so right! Though I am thinking a bit more Thomas or another train - gotta really root through the stash....
    Lovely photo of all your gals, geez oh pete you sure are a busy person - gotta love it.


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