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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sewing Room Round Up

In an earlier last post I shared pictures of just some of my quilts, and also showed you the Scrappy Heart blocks I was making, however somehow my February posting about the Frost Fest Donation quilt I was making for the Silent Auction got missed and there it sat waiting for me to publish.  I have been a bit turned around and not organized at all, Frost Fest has come and gone, and here I am nearly at the end of March and what with the death of my little four legged companion and other necessary "have to do's" here in the house I didn't show off the end result of how the Strawberry Fields turned out. 
Frost Fest is a annual event here in my little Town and we try very hard to make it better than previous years, this year being no exception.  Not only did I donate Strawberry Fields, but I managed to make three fabric Checkers Games which were given as a silent auction item and two were given as prizes in the annual winter scavenger hunt. 

This years quilt Strawberry Fields  

It ended up 50" X 50" a good lap sized quilt.  Into the Silent Auction it went and what it finally sold for I do not know, but it was a donation so I do hope if fetched a few scheckles for the cause. 

I also managed to make three sets of Fabric checker games with plaster of paris checker game pieces which I made and painted to match the fabric colors. 

 Aren't these cute?

In addition to the other events going on during Frost Fest, my Lions Club Members sponsored a Winter charity ATV Poker Run.  Our club raised $200.00 on the Saturday morning and this amount went directly to the Food Bank. 

After tidying up the sewing area it was time to start another project.  I began to put together Cindy Carter's Scrappy Hearts Blocks which block is fantastic and a great way to showcase the scraps and the bits of clothing from my friends mothers who passes away a year ago this past February. 

In addition to the hearts I printed out lots and lots of 1.5" hexagons and spend my evenings with these, I have set my goal for at least 1,000 but who knows, conceivably I could need more.  I am enjoying the tiny pieces and will keep searching for just the right pattern to use them in.  Since my sons' marriage this past December, I have acquired two grandchildren, so, the tiny hexies should really be used in a quilt for my granddaughter who is not only adept at drawing and color but at her tender age of 7 has very good taste.  Here are a few that I have - so far I have made over 100+ guess I have alot more to do just to reach the 1,000.

Thanks for stopping by, maybe by the time you make a return visit I won't read like such a scatterbrain. 


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