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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meet "Master Bentley"

Master Bentley William James has finally entered into out midst.  He was born March 27th, 2011 all 9 lb.s and a crop of blond hair you wouldn't believe. 

Hey, I'm tired, getting here was hard work

My golden locks

My friend Marg is a new granny and by way of my friendship with her I have now dubbed myself as Gamma II and am so looking forward to cuddling this new baby and simply cannot wait, but first, I have to run into the loft and pull special fabrics just for him.  Every new baby deserves to have their own special Binky and Master Bentley cannot be the exception, can he?  So Gamma II is gonna forgo the decluttering (as if I didn't really want to do more decluttering), shove some of the other projects aside (like I really need an excuse to start a new project) and get right into the fabric stash and come up with something colorful, fast and fun!
All babies are sweet and bring out the best in all of us, don't you agree?
Thanks for stopping by and have a great one, I'm off to work for Master Bentley this afternoon. 

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  1. So cute - I keep reminding Leigh that there is something wrong with HIS ovaries... would love a child ~ alas not to be.


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