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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Love Reading Other Quilters Blogs, Don't You?

I have been in an organizational mood these past several days and have such a lot to do that it will take me at least a good month slogging at it every day.  I decided two hours a day was more than enough time to devote to my organizing and then back to doing other things that provide me with a reward for my dedication to this cleaning project.
Todays' reward is enjoying my time reading other quilters blogs, I love reading them, there are so many, each one a real treat, and so many are informative or instructional with fantastic tutorials.  This morning I stumbled upon Sewcalgal and a 12 pocket bag tutorial free pattern which she is giving for us to make up and give as a gift, or personal use or even a fund raiser, but not to sell for profit.
Check out this blog and while your there, go and check out the voting requirements for The Golden Quilters Award.  We,  the general public can vote,  so why not take a few moments from your busy schedule today and read up on it and then vote, and let your favorites know how much you like them and it's worthwhile to be certain.  Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville's Quips & Snips  is a nominee for Best Teacher/Instructor and for Best Author as well as Most influential person in the world of quilting to-date, aka "Lifetime Achievement"  Bonnie, whom I have followed since the mid 90's  is my all time favorite Instructor and quilter her talents are so numerous and her style easy. She's thrifty and clever.  If you need direction on Scrappy anything, Bonnie's the quilter I turn to.  For years she has been extolling the virtues of being scrappy and how to best use your scraps up, not only what to do with scraps, but how easy it is to organize the scraps too.  IF you haven't met Bonnie, your in for such a wonderful treat.  Go and visit her today.  The link I have given is her Blog, but, she has a link to her Quiltville site and it is the site I turn to all of the time for inspiration and techniques.
Getting back to what I said earlier, go and cast a vote at the site for the Golden Quilters Awards and see all of the sponsor give-away prizes.  WHAT FUN and If you want to make certain your favorite or most influential quilter/designer/teacher/author gets a win, you have to go there and vote and let that person know just how much he/she is appreciated.  The prizes in this contest as give-aways are nothing to sneeze at either. 
Thanks for stopping by, I am going to continue visiting my favorite quilting bloggers my special reward for my two hours I put in this morning. 


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