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Friday, March 25, 2011

Check Out This New Diamond Quilt Tutorial & Some Giveaways

01 TitelbildWhat a fantastic way to spend a Friday, take jaunt over to THE QUILTED FISH and see this great new tutorial on how to create and sew yourself or for someone you know who is having a new addition in their family this  sweet diamond baby quilt, pictured above.  If you read through her blog today you'll discover that she is giving away some pre-cut packs of Sweet Divinity by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake. The giveaway is open to all.  Read through her blog and follow the instructions and you could possibly win that neat new jelly roll.  
Now I don't do diamonds cause these always somehow alluded me and ended up making a fine mess and setting it aside never to see it again.  After reading through this tutorial today, I honestly believe using this method and easy described template instructions I can do it.  Only way to find out is to give it a try.  Seeing as I am going shopping this afternoon I am certain I can find a few delicious remnants to put into this project.  This tutorial has made me really want to give Diamonds another whirl.  This is such a great tutorial.
My two hours of decluttering has been done for the day, I deserve to try this Diamond project.  This then will be my Friday reward.  
Don't you wish you had time to spend on all of the quilt blogs on the internet?  I do, but then if I tried first I wouldn't get them all and second there simply isn't enough time, but, so rewarding to find wonderful quilters so giving of their time to sit and write a tutorial for you the reader and to make it look so easy, Johanna isn't the first to accomplish this and she won't be the last, but oh my she does it so well, Thanks Johanna, love the fabrics you chose and the colors and especially my reward, this wonderful and easy tutorial. 

Now if you want more eye candy and a good read, hop on over to JACKIE'S ART QUILTS she's going to be celebrating her first year blog anniversary - the give away isn't bad either.....

BEFORE I leave you this afternoon, have you stopped by the Golden Quilters Awards which is being hosted by SEWCALGAL, have you voted yet?  Don't let your favorites go without your vote, I just know you would love to see them win this coveted award, wouldn't you?

Thanks so much for stopping by today, hope you have alot of pleasure reading at the above blogs and joining in on their giveaways, I am positive you'll really enjoy yourself.

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  1. Very cool quilt and you have such a fun blog! Enjoying looking at your wonderful image taken by the water...sure looks better than all our snow.
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting...there is still time to sign up for my own giveaway too!


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