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Saturday, March 26, 2011

String Quilts Ohhhh the Possibilities

Here it is 12:30 already on a sunny but bitter cold Saturday morning and I have done absolutely nothing - after being out the entire day and not home till 8:30 last evening shopping with my 88 year old mother, I am totally exhausted.  There is hardly anything I want to shop for at this stage of my life other than fabric or quilt related items and shopping with mother is never a treat.  She hails from an era that remains very frugal and inspects each piece of fruit, has to have the best of the best bargains, and will spend money on gas getting three more pennies off a product at another store before admitting what I said about penny wise and pound foolishness being the order of the day.  I have tried (unsuccessfully, I might add) to get her to just admit she is a shopaholic, but nope, in her mind she's saving money - who is she fooling?  I take her because at her age it seems to be the one bit of pleasure she gets and it gets her out of the house for a few hours, something  different from her usual routine.  Having said that I don't really mind being worn out today and she certainly is snookered too, she's parked in her easy recliner all bundled up and watching CNN on her television screen and her tv ears on and totally lost in recline to her exhaustion.
I have been following other bloggers Blog Titles and one lead me to 
and promptly fell in love with her Header picture on her blog of the string quilt she made using a pattern from Evelyn Sloppy's Strings Book, and to me it is a stunner!
Thus my excitement when I followed someone else to Julie's door, saw this quilt before even getting to the rest of her blog and this pretty quilt rocks my imagination and it made me drool.  
This quilt has taken its place on the list of "I need to make this one like this" as number 2 which comes right after Bonnie Hunters'  "Diamond in-a-Square Strings Quilt"!  

This quilt is so beautiful and I just have to make one like it.  Every time I visit Bonnie's site and I see her beautifully made creations and these fire me up providing me with brain excitement and the belief that I too can create something beautiful from the scrap heap.  Bonnie's instructions are so easy to follow, you cannot miss making something beautiful because she has made it easy and relaxed as a hobby should be.
When my best friend introduced me to quilting away back in 1994 I never imagined I would be anything but a "traditional"  quilter, you know, squares and rectangles and everything being traditional encompasses, but, Bonnie's method of looking at fabrics and the possibilities has totally changed me into someone who isn't afraid to look inside the scrap pile and come up with something that is different and yet there remains hints of the traditional to it.  
I have so much that I seem to have piled on my plate lately and really shouldn't even think about beginning a new project that has the potential of becoming another UFO, but I can't seem to help myself, so maybe this afternoon I will pull out the scraps and play. 
I can't sit here and write anymore and after visiting with Julie earlier, I simply have to stop now, get out my scraps and play.
Thanks for stopping by today and if you need me you'll find me playing with my scraps, thanks to Julie K and her beautiful quilt!


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