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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Junket With Very Interesting Quilters

After all the enjoyment I had on my dateless Saturday evening spent visiting with so many wonderful quilters at their blogs last night, I couldn't resist quickly going back and discovering more interest and informative blogs.  On my Sunday sojourn, I followed someone's favorite blog and discovered FRECKLED BEAUTIES.  What Kerry displayed there was so intriguing I just have to share it with you.  What she blogged about at the time of my visit were Earths Berries Soap Nuts - I grabbed a picture from her blog to show you what these look like.  You won't believe what these nuts can do, and the only way to find out id for you to go to Kerry's blog and read all about it while your there.  She has a very, very interesting blog and so very worth your time to make a visit.

 - not this all sounds quirky but wow am I impressed and I just have to order some.  Anything natural and that works and is good for our environment is a worthwhile addition to my daily living tools.  If this natural substance is as good for vegetables or body washing, then, obviously it should also be great for washing fabric as well as our quilts.  Do yourself a HUGE service and check it all out on her blog, her review of this product is concise and to the point, no fripperies here, just honestly put. She has actually tested it and as she is a registered nurse and soon to be mother I believe every word she wrote. ....
Finally I decided to leave the computer and all of the new blogs I visited and found my new book "Figures In Silk" by Vanora Bennett and got lost in the year 1471 and Edward IV.  So far the book is well written and has my total attention.  If your at all interested in historical novels, pay her a visit and learn all about her other novels.  I am certain this author will provide you with a great read.

Which Authors entertain or inspire you to read?


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