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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aren't Quilt Bloggers Sew Much Fun?

It's Saturday night, I don't have a date, so I went on a Quilt Blog Junket and have been enjoying the company of other Quilt Bloggers....First I went to visit Meg, the Mad Quilting Librarian who I find a very interesting lady and then after catching up with Meg I sauntered over to visit with one of her favorite bloggers..... 
Angela of Cut To Pieces wow is this girl ever talented and you should see what she has on her Design wall, then and after a delightful visit seeing how very busy she has been keeping that design wall.  I than took in Angela's  "Folding Fabric" tutorial, ooed and awwed over her Rainbow Blocks, I discovered she was also springing a Giveaway.  IN the description of the giveaway she sent me on my merry way to visit with....
Rachel of Stitched In Color who is hosting a wonderful rainbow sew along which began in the beginning of this month and hopes by June of this year everyone might be ready to put all of their sewn blocks together.  What a wonderfully inventive way to teach us about color!  The concept is so easy and again this quilter is using scraps so new fabric purchases aren't necessary and she makes it all sound sew easy and financially painless too.  Rachel's audience participactions ( participating and action) are great if you take a walk back in her blogging history you'll notice she is all about having others join in on the fun, and along with the fun there is always some little educational tidbit hidden along the way.  How fun is this?  After a half hour or so visiting with Rachael, I went to visit one of her inspirational quilt bloggers...
Katie of Sew Katie Did and discovered yet another great blogger.  Today Katie is blogging about quilt back and a little about quilt bindings and it was very interesting too.  Do you know she actually started a Flicker Group for Quilt Backs to provide her with inspiration.  How unique is that?  In ending her blog post today, Katie asks the reader what it is that you do for your backs?  Interesting concept.  Following one of her favorite quilt bloggers, I  finally landed up visiting...
Melanie of Texas Freckles who is hosting in a very BIG way a Hexagon Charm Quilt Piece Along.  Its really so very interesting to discover just how many have joined in and she even has a Flicker Page for this piece along too with detailed information and tips to go along with it.  I am seriously considering keeping track of the number of hexies I have sewn but not too sure I could keep up with them.  
How many of you are working on a hexagon charm quilt?  
Shamelessly I have enjoyed a totally do nothing day today, and in no hurry this evening,  nor,  had I any plans.  I wandered aimlessly through Quilter Blogging land and spent a very pleasant number of hours just visiting.  I wouldn't be a very hospitable guest if I didn't share their whereabouts with you so tonight I kept track of all the links so that you can visit them sometime too. What a great way to spend an evening.
I am hoping I haven't been a bore and possibly you might consent to follow along with me on my Blogging Saga, it would be nice to count you among my world wide friends.  See you tomorrow.


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