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Friday, April 1, 2011

Nellie Overshadowed by Lions for a Good Cause

Nellie has worked hard for the past several weeks, at rest only when at days end when the rotary cutter with rulers pushed aside,  her power was shut off and the Ott light doused.  This morning like every other morning Nellie would have been fired up, hum happily while threading her way along to the end of the seam and hardly ever forgotten left along and unused, but she was left quite alone today because the Lions took precedence.
Sew, no humming today, our Brockville Lions club was having a Japan Relief breakfast today.   
Setting aside my block construction of Mr. Bentley's quilt as well as some other WIP I gave Nellie a sorry look donned my uniform and set off to work for the people of Sendai Japan.
If your at all interested the International Lions Clubs roll is within the World community, here is a link to one such busy club in Ireland, the Bantry-Bay Lions Club.  This is a wonderful and concise site and explanation of the work Lions are doing for the world community and its current projects.  
If you should possibly be interested in the work carried out by Lions International and its clubs throughout the world and in your community, there is a way you can help people in the worlds' communities, choose one that strikes a chord with your interests or likes and follow or even, join up, it is such a worthwhile organization with hundreds of thousands of interesting people and a myriad of diverse interests and hobbies with one common denominator, Service.  

This is the Logo of Lions Clubs recognizable  anywhere in the world.

 The members of Lions Clubs anywhere in the world are ready and willing to help in any way possible.
My favorite part of Lions is my time working on my pet project, Guide Dogs Canada, that trains dogs to work for those who are blind or visually impaired, and expanded training of dogs as service companions to tho with hearing and other medical or physical disabilities.      
Puppies in the Foster Puppy Program
Before I shut down and make my bed inspection, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Visitors from around the world who came by for a visit, I so appreciate your interest and do hope you will call by again and again.  Have a great day everyone no matter where in the world you are.


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