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Friday, April 1, 2011

Pam Holland Visits Kenora Quilt Guild in Canada

From the Quilt Show Blog , Australia's Pam Holland

My Photohas produced a Kenora Quilt Guild Show Video of her visit to Kenora Quilt guild, wait until you see the Christmas quilt near the end of this video, it will blow you away, so very beautiful!

Not much done today other than went scrounging for novelty prints for Master Bentley's quilt and discovered I have way too many scraps which haven't been sorted in any way shape or form, so, I spent the day cleaning up my fabric closet and look at what I managed to gather.  Now I will just have to sort these, into color, size and get back to making Nellie feel useful once again.  Seems I can't find half of what I want when I want it, time to organize these.  I wish I had a huge sewing studio so that I could really have everything spread out nicely and all neatly arranged, yeah right, like that is really going to become real for me...

What condition are your scraps in? 
I would love to hear about your scrap storage solutions.

Some quilters have fantastic sewing studios and some have corners in a room, or some the kitchen or dining room table, won't you tell us about your sewing area?

Send pictures and I will be so pleased to show them here.

Thank you for visiting, won't you leave a comment I will be very pleased to read about your thoughts on Pam Hollands' visit from the video, which you may access from the link above.  Come back soon.


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