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Monday, January 17, 2011

Let Me Try for Consistancy in 2011

Hey, HAPPY NEW YEAR and if your one of my followers, welcome back!  I lost everything last year and while cleaning up that mess I began tinkering with my Blog -Oops, that was not a good thing, so, I deleted most of the rubbish and am beginning all over again.

Not that it will be so much the New and Improved, but, a fresh layer, a new beginning.
I have been busy with so many out of the sewing room activities that I didn't pay enough attention to much quilt related activities.  Hopefully my friends will find me again and I won't just be talking to myself and hearing the echo of emptiness coming back at me.  LOL

Cowboys & Indians In Manhattan
Colten's Quilt
Finally this quilt has been completed and sent off to its owner, it only took a few years! This quilt is a typical little boys' quilt, with a cowboy and indian theme to it ( I named it "Cowboys and Indians in Manhattan) as I used a Manhattan skyline themed fabric as the background for this little quilt with the colours not too too feminine for Colten. He has just had his room repainted and loves the reverse of the quilt which has the 2000 planetary fabric as its focal and the colours in his words are "jus perfek". The quilt was essentially completed but the quilting wasn't. I did different styles of quilting in the three different blocks throughout the quilt and in the border I cross hatched the entire border, then finally finished it bound it and delivered it, I even managed to include a label. Hurrah!

It has been too too long since I posted and many who were following I am sure believe I had abandoned the blogging, but life in and of itself always seems to reside at my house and tons of drama to go along with it. 2010 and the beginning of 2011 were no exceptions to my life and in this I may as well re-adjust my thinking and jump back in with the hopes that once again life may improve, onwards, ever onwards as wiser beings than I have often said.

I have a long list of quilts to complete and I believe this year I will give up on the tote bags for awhile and concentrate on the quilting side of my hobby.

I cannot believe how many talented and wonderful quilters are out here in Blogging Land and I have spent many many hours reading them when I should have been working on my own projects. I admit to becoming on my way to reading Quilters Blogs as an addiction. These wonderful quilters have much to offer and I for one am learning so very much from each of them.

As previously blogged about, our Town hosts a Frost Fest the first weekend of February in each year. This year we seem to have grown even larger and once again my projects are slated for this event. In keeping with my annual quilt donations I have made some quilted checker boards and have yet to fashion the game pieces, but these are already planned I just have to make them. I am recycling plastic bottle caps and will fill them with plaster of paris for the weight and paint them with colours to match the quilted game boards.
Our Frost Fest Mascot is the beautiful and lovable Penguin, in keeping with the theme of Penguins I used novelty penguin fabrics to create these.

Quilted Blue Penguin Checkers Gameboard
Gotta Love Those Penguins
Two different game boards hopefully some others will be joining these.

I am giving myself a rest from checkerboards and have now begun working on Strawberry Fields, which I hope will make a perfectly good silent suction item. Wish me luck on this one.

Have a wonderful day everyone and go about the web and visit with many of these quilters who blog, they are so very interesting and creative and knowledgeable.


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