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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Best Friend Just Happens to be a Quilter

We have been friends for over 57 years and my best friend is responsible for my taking up this wonderful obsession of quilting. 
She lives across the ocean in a small town not too far from Amsterdam, the city we were both born in.  I now live in Canada and so when we get together it is quite a journey. 
This year we celebrate our milestone birthdays together.  Seeing as we were born in the same country, the same city, the same year, the same month but just several days apart, it seems only fitting that this year we celebrate the BIG 65 together.   I hope to make this celebratory trip sometime this year, we just haven't settled on a good month just yet. 
My Beautiful Elle
I will share some of her quilts with you.  Her style and my style are so different, she is more folksy and contemporary and open to the visual arts while I remain steeped in the traditional.  Here are pictures of some of Elle's quilts. 

Fabric and colour selection

All ready to assemble

Halfway there

All Done isn't it wonderful a great accessory to her room

Bright and Cheerful

I love this cuddly lap quilt

I still cannot make the tumbling blocks

At least this is more of the Traditional

A Play Quilt for Her Grandson
These are but a very few of the many quilts Elle has made over the years. Tomorrow I will hunt up some images of some of the quilts I have put together, you can certainly see why I maintain I am still a beginner.
Its been a rather hectic day at my house so I am off to douse the lights and inspect my pillow, I hope tomorrow is a better day for me and for you.  Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to introduce you to a very important person in my life.


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