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Monday, October 24, 2011

AND It's Just Monday in the Bay!

Today being the beginning of a new week finds me running around like the proverbial headless chicken once again.  RICK HANSEN, and his Man In Motion tour will be coming to Seeley's Bay and for this monumental event all of the homes along his route will be showing off our Scarecrows. 
This scarecrows just took up residence across the street from my house, isn't he GREAT? 
My scarecrow is still in the planning stages and I simply have never made a scarecrow before, but, I am willing to give it a good try!  Here's hoping Ricks eyesight won't pick up that I am not too well versed in this art form!
This past Saturday evening our local Lions Club celebrated its 30th anniversary as a service club within the Lions International Clubs family.  To this end we were all busy arranging and decorating our community hall to make it warm and inviting to our invited guests and keynote speaker who very generously came to speak to us from Dog Guides Canada. 
Our Hall, the food and our celebratory Cake was a success by any standard. For a Club with nine full members and one new possible member, we have done ourselves proud and over the years have done well by our community.  Being a member of the International Lions Clubs means that "We Serve" and service to our community is what we in Seeley's Bay Lions Club are all about.  Our Anniversary Cake, baked and decorated especially for our club was made by a wonderful Local Baker and it was mmmmmmmmmmmm so delicious and was beautifully decorated to depict not only the Lions Emblem at its top but the annual theme this year which is "I BELIEVE" and "I PLANTED A TREE".  

To this end, our door prizes were beautiful small and very healthy spruce and white pine trees, these we used to adorn and decorate our tables for the evening.

Our sit down meal was prepared and served by our local Firefighters and  volunteer servers which was a wonderful change from the Buffet style dinners of the past.
Our Guest and Keynote Speaker, Director of Programming for Canada Dog Guides wowed all of us with information about the Lions Foundation Canada Dog Guides and made up aware of certain aspects this part of Lionism speaks to which we were unaware of.  Take a peek at these wonderful programs offered:
Dog Guide Programs:

Canine Vision Dog Guides - for people who are blind or visually impaired
Hearing Ear Dog Guides - for people who are deaf or hard of hearing
Special Skills Dog Guides - for people with a medical or physical disability
Seizure Response Dog Guides - for people who have epilepsy
Autism Assistance Dog Guides - for children with autism
Should you desire to know more about these programs, they can be read at Lions Foundation Canada Dog Guides.
WERE YOU aware this wonderful Lions Foundation Canada Dog Guides places these wonderful working service dogs with people in need of a well trained Service Dog for no charge to them at all.  YES, this is correct, no charge to the client needing the assistance of a service Guide Dog.  The program costs for the feeding and special training for the Guide DOG  are completely absorbed by the Foundation supported by generous donations and the many volunteers and the Lions Organization.
To this end the audience was made aware of a new Contest sponsored by FIDO (a cell phone provider here in Canada).  We get to vote once a day until November 17th for any or all of the dogs entered into the contest and the winning DOG (beloved pet) will be the poster Dog for FIDO's latest commercial campaign named the "FIDO CASTING CALL" .  For every one vote cast, FIDO will donate $1.00 towards Dog Guides Canada, to the tune of $200,000.00 Cndn.  Isn't it marvelous?  Dog Guides are unique and are the gentlest of creatures and bond well with their owners who need the services these specially trained dogs provide to the client in need of assistance, thereby this Dog Guide gives the gift not only of love and companionship, but the gift of Independence.  Being disabled isn't easy, but the love and spirit and assistance given adoringly from the Specially trained Dog Guide to its master or mistress spells a win win situation as well as the gift of being ones own self again, or, in the case of some, reborn back into a productive member of his or her society with their self-respect and dignity well in hand. 
I know I have waxed on about our Lions function and the Canada Guide Dogs but I am thrilled to introduce you to Lionism this way by sharing our 30th Anniversary.  
Thank you for visiting with me this dreary Monday here in the Bay.  If your up to it, join me tomorrow when I will find a new topic to wax on and on about, won't you?  REMEMBER, life if short, so make it sweet, YOU DESERVE to enjoy your day no matter where you are and if possible and your so inclined, lend a helping hand to someone somewhere somehow!


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