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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bakeshop Items

Good sunny Sunday to one and all and welcome.  Here in the Bay the sun is shining brightly, the air rather chilly, but not unbearably so that it will keep people away from our Welcome Rick Hansen, The Man In Motion to our Town.
Have you noticed how the Bake Shop item ideas are taking off in the Quilting World of today?  Seems many quilters are buying baked goods to make wonderful quilted items with.  Moda Fabrics (no, I have no affiliation with this company)  I believe began this latest trend of Bake Shop Items
This morning then, I am thinking about the various bake shop items named appropriately Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Turnovers and Honey Buns - mmmmmmmmm don't these just make your mouth water.  
In the quilting world these bake shop items are made up of pre-cut fabric line coordinates and are becoming very fashionable, no more does a quilter have to stand and endlessly cut strip or strip sets of their fabrics to make a quilt top with, with the Jelly Roll
being 2.5" strips of beautifully coordinated fabrics of a specific line of fabric, which consist of  42, 40 or 24 strips measuring 2.5" X 44" strips of luscious prints and colored fabric for us to play with.
Then there are Layer Cakes
what is a layer cake you ask?  A Layer Cake  consists of 10" Squares usually measured off in packages of  42 of 10" X 10"  or 24 of 10" x 10" squares of coordinated fabrics.  
There are also Turnovers
 and these goodies consist of two coordinating 6"triangles from which you can pair up with the 5" x 5" Charm packs to make whatever your imagination can design.  
Lastly and all I know of at the moment are the Honey Buns,
these babies are similar to a Jelly Roll but different in that the honey bun is cut 1.5" and usually is sold in the same unit numbered rolls as the Jelly Roll.
How sweet is this, the ideas for using any of these Bake Shop products are endless and the new methods in bringing about a completed project are so fun and quick that it takes the piecing of quilted projects to a new level and from what I hear very attractive to the beginning quilter and making quilters of all levels love these new methods and choices to complete their creative ideas. 
Now other fabric line manufacturers are also getting into the bake shop line, and I probably have missed more luscious items to talk about today, but the four mentioned above are by far the most popular at this time and thousands of quilters are enjoying these products making quilting so much more fun.  
I wonder at how the ease these products make in our projects and know of many quilters with stashes so large that instead of buying these pre-cut fabrics are turning their stashes into pre-cuts to save them time in their not too distant futures until their stash is at their desired manageable stage.
Whether or not you have access to a Local Quilt Shop that carries these delicious goodies in a variety of fabric lines, or, you are inventive and decide to make your own goodies, the creative side of you will certainly enjoy the freedom these pre-cut fabrics add to your quilting experience.
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THANK you so very much for stopping by to visit with me today, remember, no matter where you live enjoy yourself because you DESERVE it. 


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