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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


HOW many of you have "STUFF"?  Defined as a noun in the dictionary with the following descriptive meanings:
personal belongings
Synonyms:beingeffectsequipmentgeargoods,impedimenta, individualjunk*, kit, luggage,objects, paraphernalia, possessions,substancetacklethings, trappings
As can be verified Stuff can certainly take in a huge area of personal belongings, or as can be seen TRAPPINGS.  I FINALLY GET IT!  I need to declutter my STUFF so that that I may accomplish a goal I set for myself before returning home from my not long enough vacation.  

HOW large is your stash of STUFF?  It will be very interesting to hear from many of you as to what you consider to be clutter and what you consider to be important to you at this stage of your lifetime?  I have two rooms in this house which I consider to be mine and a sewing loft I cannot use because of the STUFF I have accumulated and thought I wanted to keep!  I have a fabric stash to end all stashes and this too must be downsized if I want to reach my newest goal for whatever time I have left on this earth alive. 
To this end I have been cleaning out closets and have already accumulated three bags filled with clothing I do not wear or have not worn in more than two years....Next part of this declutter goal is to tackle the many drawers and cupboards of objects and things I haven't used in more than a year.  If it isn't or has not been used then why store it?  Cleaning after decluttering is necessary as cleanliness provides clarity, or so the Feng Shui enthusiasts proclaim and I have come to thinking they have a point!  Take a look at the Ugly House web photos,or this one, no this isn't my house but if I do not take stock and attend to this task it well could be and I am not sharing pictures of my rooms today because they are too messy!

I seem to have acquired the "SAVE IT" mentality over the last many years and when I think of the wasted space all of this STUFF is taking up I shudder.  My goodness, I have a complete dinner service for 8 of fine Royal Albert China packed away in boxes which has not seen the light of day in over 10 years?  How is this possible, what use is it in a box?
At times in the past I really believed I had relieved myself of many of my possessions, but when taking a look around I find those that were dispersed have somehow been replaced by other useless personal items.   How about you?  Do you find yourself in the same position?  
I am finally facing the fact that I live a very cluttered life and this keeps me standing still not moving ahead but getting further behind.  
I am very interested in what you see around you?  Does your space looked tiny and cramped because of your inability to get shut of items of no further use, or clothing you simply cannot wear or even forgotten you had?  
For myself, what I cannot use, what I cannot wear, what is packed away in a box needs to be gotten rid of, and this is what I have been using my time over the past days since my return. 

Slowly but surely I am taking back control of my life and my space.  

Thanks for stopping in to visit today, sorry that the only suitable chair in the room is cluttered with stuff and no place for you to sit, but do return tomorrow, I promise you the chair will be free for you to sit in...LOL

REMEMBER only you can make the best of the day today, so do yourself a huge favor and enjoy this day to its fullest.


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