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Friday, October 28, 2011

Scarecrows Waiting to cheer on Rick Hansen

Since posting last I told you not only am I working to get my personal life in order by decluttering, but that Rick Hansen and his "MAN IN MOTION" 25th Anniversary Relay Tour" will be arriving here in the Bay this coming Sunday, that  is just 3 days from now! Take a look at this Flicker Stream of pictures to see at all of the Scarecrows around Seeley's Bay to cheer on The Man himself, Rick Hansen.
For all of the road construction on our Main Street, the townspeople of The Bay have done well to make Rick Hansens' return arrival a cheerful celebration and his Relay Team and Our Difference Maker, Tanya Abrams.  
Seeley's Bay residents have been busily getting ready to welcome this man and his relay team since the get go and Rick Hansen was here 25 years ago and will be here once again this tour.  The time is but a little over an hour, but this man doesn't really stop, he keeps going! 
What this man has set for himself takes a lot of personal courage to face the long trek from Cape Spear in Newfoundland and make his way in his wheel chair all the way across Canada and back to his native British Columbia raising money for Spinal Cord injury.  Going 12,000 kilometers from one end of Canada to another and visiting over 600 communities.  
We here in Seeley's Bay are privileged to be a community he will stop at on this Relay Tour and celebrations are certainly in order.  We have our very own DIFFERENCE MAKER, Tanya Abrams.  
If you are so inclined, hit the links and follow this courageous man as he continues to wheel across Canada. I don't believe there is a community throughout this world which doesn't have people who have suffered Spinal Cord injuries, making this awareness relay tour a Focal issue for us all.
Thanks for stopping by today, I realize I haven't included any quilting items but tomorrow I hope to, today I owe two hours to decluttering, so off I go to do just that.
REMEMBER no matter where you are, today is special in that we are alive and well so make today a very special day for yourself and include as many as you wish to make it even more pleasant.


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