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Sunday, March 8, 2009

More bags

Firey Dragon Tote

This is the firey dragon. Don't you just love the vibrance
of the colours?
Inside of tote with pockets
Bag from the outside

Swimming Penguins in Vibrant Tourquoise Blue

Again pockets were fitted to the inside.
This mid-sized tote turned out not to shabby at all.

Among the many choices of fabrics this colourful Batik was chosen for one of the bags inside the order. I enjoyed working with it so very much.

This is the inside of the bag with items in the pockets to show it off.

This is the front of the bag with pockets galore.

This is the back of the bag showing off the vivid tourquoise butterflies.


  1. your bags are just perfect.. do you use a pattern for them?

  2. Nana, thanks for your comment on my bags. This has become a new phase aside from quilting and crazy quilting. Have seen many totes of various shapes and sizes and I do my best to copy these.


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