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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Over The Hump I think

This is a tiny girlie tote bag, ready for Easter or summer.

This is also a summery tote, I enjoyed working with the colourful fabrics and the summer insects, dragonflys, ladybugs and butterflys.

I found some Mary Englebright fabric and decided another tiny tote could be made for some little Miss to enjoy.

My Red Hatter tote, much taller than some I have been making with lots of inside pockets.

This has not been as productive a week as I wished it would be. Already I have had three trying days ending with yesterday and two physical mishaps. One when returning from my daily hourly walk, I managed to turn my ankle on a broken sidewalk, wrenching my neck and my back trying to stop the fall, then, just before having my supper I managed to miss the bottom two steps in the basement and went flying into the air and landed on the concrete floor, this time skinning my knee ( a real boo boo) and doing more damage to my hip and my neck. I am now sporting a nice bandaid and smeared with a nasty smelly rub in an attempt to make my neck feel better.

To top it all off the beautiful 55 year old crystal pinwheel bowl got smashed to smithereens by mother wanting something and decided to pick it up and dropped it. (Can you all say Ahhhhhhhhhh for me!!!) I'm still finding shared and bits of glass even though I swept, vacumed, swept again and used a dust mop, glass will be found for the next few weeks to be sure, as glass scatters everywhere.

I feel like an 18 wheeler ran me down, so with two tylenols' ingested and some nasty smelly rub I am back in front of the computer and am ready to start another new day and hopefully my misfortunes of the first part of the week are over and done with and the remainder hopefully will go off without a hitch.

I have managed to complete a few bags, those I posted at the top of this post. I must somehow find that creative point inside of me to develop something more interesting than just making these rather retangular or squared totes. the tinies are for my sister-in-laws' store and she hopes to sell these for Easter along with some pastel coloured easter baskets. I do hope these will sell, I could use the money to buy more fabrics - YIPPEE another excuse to visit a fabric store.

Will have to work on that creating theory next week, I wouldn't want to try something new this week, it may just frustrate me. LOL!!!

A bright spot in my morning was the screaching of a Mama Blue Jay sitting on the rof edge just outside my window arguing with a Red Winged Black bird, who seemingly also wants to nest in the same area of the huge pine tree as the Blue Jays' apartment. She wasn't having any of that. I did try for a picture, but by the time I retreived my camera she'd already flown to the tree and was assaulting the black bird.

Okay, off to see the wizzard right now, too many chores to complete before I can allow myself to get near Nellie - my much loved and used sewing machine.


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