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Friday, March 27, 2009

So Much For Sewing Today

This tiny tote is made from the left over fabrics and I had fun making it. I actually began it very early this morning and it was to be one of a dozen.

Today I had planned to sew all day, decided not to walk, decided not to leave the house, but to just sit here and sew and get all of my tiny totes order finished, but as luck would have it, that was not to be the activity of the day! Noooooooo, instead we had a flood of water cascading into the basement and all day was donated to that mess, turns out we had two problems, not bad enough to have had only one mess, but two. The sump pump was pooling the water back into the basement and the bladder went in the pressure tank.....great stuff. I had promised everyone that should another flood happen I would pack my hobo bag and hit the rails, taking the first freight train out of town going anywhere there was a desert. Well, it really was traumatic cause we've lived through major damage cause by flooding into our basement of our last house and I never wanted to see that type of incident again. Now you may think I am being a bit melodramatic, but once you live through that not once but twice and lose every stick of furniture, and personal possessions and deal with the mess and the spraying of chemicals for mold and deal with contractors in the rebuilds, and make decisions on replacing things, and fighting with the insurance company you paid premiums to for umpteen years, only to discover some clever need to show the company how good he is at saving their money denies your claim, or finally paying up but making you wait forever, well, you get my drift I'm sure. I really was thinking I would hit the rails and become a real live hobo... yeah right, can't you just see it now, humping my fabrics and sewing machine around.... Maybe if I go to sleep now and wake fitfully in the morning I may just talk myself into believing it was all a bad dream and I won't have to endure this drama.

Lunch was forgotten, supper was had too early and mother decided to sleep it all off leaving me to clean up the mess, but, surprise, I actually left the supper dishes and will take care of than in the morning, I am just to tired and fed up with water problems and its pervasive mess so I abdicated as general dogsbody for the night and watched a movie instead. IF you want a wonderful movie to watch from the latest new releases, watch Marley and Me - a good movie for a change.

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