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Thursday, March 5, 2009

MY Totable Totes

As the Bag Lady from The Bay I would say that for the present time I am going through a phase, making totes and purses or handbags seems to be the order of the last several weeks.

IF you see a loose thread or a mistake I've made (and I make many) then please point it out cause my vision is only 20/20 :))

I made the following totes and donated these to our Community for the Frost Festival held the first weekend of February. All proceeds from the Festival are spread out to various non-profit community groups. Some even to purchase or refurbish the community center or purchase equipment for the recreation area, constructing for instance a baseball field and bleachers, or adding a walking trail, or refurbishing playground equipment, etc. Our Fire hall has the best pumper truck in the whole region, thanks to the efforts and energies of the FROST FEST COMMITTEE and all of the participants of this Community. The entire Community benefits from this Annual Event.

This purse was made with animal fun fur and such fun to construct. Not only does it have pockets on the inside but some nifty pockets on the outside making it practical to carry all of our "stuff"!

This tote was created out of upholstery fabrics which were samples and the colours were phenomenol and vibrant so I couldn't resist using it. It has lots of practical pockets in it. We put a pair of croqs inside it and it made a wonderful prize for one of the button prizes. The buttons are purchased every year and all bear consequtive numbers. Throughout the month of January and the days preceding the actual commencement of the Frost Festival, the Happy Penguin Spotter will choose button numbers and these then are prize winners.

This tote was made using mesh and 100% cotton fabrics. Again, a gal needs lots of storage in them thar totes and I added lots of practical storage pockets inside.

This is the first quilted tote I ever made and wasn't too unhappy with the way it turned out. Someone won it as a prize from the Penguin Spotter.


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