Public Boat Docks in Seeley's Bay

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Windy In The Bay Today

My four legged friend Mitzji and I went out walking this morning and almost got ourselves blown into the land of Oz along with Toto and Dorothy.

Storm clouds hovers over the Bay but those strong winds keep blowing them east and the sun continues to bravely show itself every hour or so for a few moments. The weatherman says tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and the temperature is supposed to rise.
Now these are not the exact flags which are being blown about at out Legion park, but this is certainly what the flags look like in these strong winds.
I haven't seen signs in the garden just yet but must keep a lookout because there are supposed to be crocuses planted in this garden of the home we just recently moved into.
My sister-in-law and I have had my walk for the day and I must admit half way through it I was ready to sit out the rest of the way. Both of us moved rather slowly. Hopefully those lazy winter muscles will be in better shape for our walk tomorrow!
I have begun a new bag so once it is finished I am going to post it. For now though I think it is nap time and as one of my many acquaintances manages to say I think I will inspect the pillows.


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