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Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I have discovered that blogging is not an easy task and I applaud all bloggers and their beautifully presented blog posts. Many bloggers seem to create such interesting posts and well organized photo's to accompany the message. This is the umpteenth try at getting my pictures in the order I wanted to view them so, I do hope for those who are following will forgive my ineptness while I learn as I go along.

I have decided I needed to try my hand at creating for myself a reversible tote which would be strong and large enough to hold several different items, and could be neatly folded and either carried within my handbag or in the side pocket of the car and ready for those times when on the spur of the moment you find yourself inside a shop and decided to bring home a few things. In the alternative, it also will make a good travel companion either for air travel when you have bought one too many souveniers to bring home, or going to the beach and bringing back that wet suit or dampend towel.

I have used some left over fabrics from other quilted bags I have made and put these together to come up with the bag you see below.

This first side has the mottled batik and the solid orange parachute fabric for the interior of the bag and the outside pockets which you will see at the bottom of the outside of this first side.
This is the inside where I used the mottled batik for the pockets and the solid orange as the linging.

Turning the bag inside out it now becomes a similar bag only with the fabrics rearranged to give it a different look.

These two looks while similar are still different when turned inside out and completely washable.

These looks then can become this folded little rectangle and placed inside your purse or the car. I am pleased it turned out much better than I had hoped.

This is the folded travelling reversible tote bag.


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