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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time to Switch Things Up A Tad

I have begun walking every day since basically I am always sitting either behind the wheel of the car, or on the sofa watching television keeping my mother company, or at my most favorite of places, in front of the sewing machine.

This first day the sun was shining and we went down to the point.

The second day it rained. Wasn't too comfortable but we persevered and did the same walk to the point. This takes us a good half hour.

Yesterday it managed to snow and the walk was rather mucky, but we were determined to do our daily walk so off to the point we went. Took us a bit longer than usual because we had to keep moving out of the way of traffic.

I don't mind telling you that today is the fourth successive day for the walks and both my sister-in-law as well as myself were just a little lagging in our strides. Hopefully tomorrow we'll feel more upbeat and can do our 3/4's of an hour without dragging our steps all the way back home. Visit this site, it has wonderful information on the idea of choosing walking as a good fitness exercise. The nice thing about our choice to walk is that besides the toning of muscles out cardio vascular systems are also getting a very much needed workout.

Hopefully I will lose one whole person of the two I seem always for the past many years to be carrying around with me.

I belong to a wonderful online quilting group and our group has managed nine annual gatherings out of the ten years we have all be together. SO this summer I hope to see my friends as a much improved and healthier speciman.

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