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Sunday, December 18, 2011


CONGRATULATIONS TO MAXINE of big-dog @ CONGRATULATIONS, your the winner of the  "MORE NICKEL QUILTS" by Pat Speth and Charlene Thode and a package of 100 of 5" Charms from my Stash!   
I have sent you an e-mail requesting your snail mail address.
To all who participants, contestants and Bloggers alike, thank you for making this BLOG HOP party a fantastic event.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Michele Foster,
owner of THE QUILTING GALLERY where quilting is really a fun affair for her hard work and care to details in arranging this wonderful Party which took place during the last week.
It was so very much fun!
To all who did not win, I wish you could have, but, many more giveaways are being planned, so stick around, who knows where lady luck will land?
I have been burning my candle a bit too long and i just can't seem to get my get up and go to work this morning, so, another hot cup of coffee and a few extra minutes of just vegging here might do the trick.  Do you ever have such days when you just cannot seem to get your day started.  Goodness knows my "to do" list is as long as anyone else's, but for some reason these old bones are protesting, I heard the squeaking and grinding joints as they brought me down stairs this morning...YIKES I simply don't need to be inactive today, I need energy!
I am enjoying your comments about your special Christmas pasts and what it is/was that mad it magic for you?  

Remember I am running a giveaway in yesterdays' post that asks you the question, and to leave me a comment **Click on the link in red above" and tell me in at least 25 words all about the magic of your Christmases past"  and I will send the winner a surprise.  I also stated that the surprise would not be shabby, and it won't! 
WHAT I neglected to tell you is that this surprise giveaway will close on  on December 24th, a sort of "just in the Nick of Time" gift....LOL
SEW think back to those wonderful Christmas everyone and send me some of your magic Christmas moments you enjoyed.
Thank you for stopping by this morning, I have to say here in the Bay it is sunny but very frigid, and I must go out of the house today, like it or not, got to pick up all of those Angel gift bags and bring them back here once again, waiting for Santa to come pick them up.  I do not know how Santas' elves do this every year, I'm exhausted from counting and recounting, moving them from one spot to another and then taking them in and out several times until their just right for Santas' Sleigh.
Have a wonderful day everyone and remember, make a few moments to relax today, we still have 7 more hectic days till the BIG DAY.....


  1. Thanks for a great giveaway! and congratulations to Maxine!

  2. gill, tour so very welcome, don't forget, enter into the next one in my previois blg post.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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