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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Santa's Warehouse in The Bay

Oh my goodness helping Santa has kept me very busy these past few days while working with all of the elves at one of the many warehouses that belong to Santa at this time of year. 
Our warehouse here in the Bay is beginning to fill up so nicely and all of the Lion Elves will be kept very very busy wrapping all of these gifts on those wish lists that have been poring into the North Pole. 

As you can see the space in the spare room is rapidly filling up.  I have more stops to make tomorrow to pick up more boxes filled for Santa's elves to deal with. 
Dixie Allan from is a fantastic graphics artist and it is from her I found my picture among her fabulous creations!  Don't you just love my new elf outfit?
Now don't I look absolutely terrific?
I cannot tell you how I feel about the very generous people of my community here in the Bay, but also how heartwarming it is to know this is not the only community throughout the world in these hard economic times that has come together to help Santa complete his list. 
Tomorrow after playing the pick up elf once again we will all be waiting for after supper hour to arrive to go and witness the Tree lighting ceremony.  What fun,  I think I am more excited than those children anxiously awaiting Santas' arrival this month.
Thank you for sharing some of your time with me today, I hope you will come back again especially this coming MONDAY, December 5th when I will announce the December GIVEAWAY.....
Remember to stay safe out there and enjoy your day to its fullest, you deserve it!


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