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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Friends in the Santa Parade

It's a wet and soggy here in the Bay this morning.  When first I looked outside it was foggy and chilly, now it is raining and according to the weatherman it will rain for a few more days.  While I am not happy with the overcast gray skies, it is acceptable, more acceptable than snow and ice.  
I have had a busy week and more to the point a busy weekend with more to follow this week and this coming weekend.
I have managed to walk in two Santa parades, make a box filled with little tissue holders, bookmarks and today am working on some small totes for our fundraiser Christmas craft sale at Springfield House east of here and in aid of the Friends of The Leeds and Thousand Islands Library fund!  I am hoping I do not bring any of these items back home with me.

As you can see we were but a small band but happy an in the Christmas spirit and had fun handing out candies along the parade route to those smiling childrens' faces all waiting impatiently for Santa to arrive whose large float was the last to arrive. 
Lined up and ready to go!

Isn't this dog handsome he seemed to enjoy being in the parade!

And this little sweetie watched everyone parade past her and didn't woof once!
After the parade children with their parents lined up at the Library to have their wishes and their pictures taken by and with Santa.  Some lists were quite long and dear old St. Nick was very patient with these little ones.  Then we all had tasty hot dogs and hot chocolate before leaving for home.  I was tired, but I had had such a great deal of fun.
My day is rather filled with necessary appointments and tomorrow and this coming Saturday and Sunday wow, this season is coming on far too quickly, don't you agree?
I didn't even have time to take advantage of the Black Friday or the Cyber Monday sales, that is just how hectic my life is at this time, but I saved alot of money that way, but last minute shopping will just have to be done this year.
Thank you for sharing a part of your day with me here in the Bay, and keep popping in as I will be sponsoring another GIVEAWAY.


  1. Two Santa Parades?? Wow, that's alot of exercise! Sounds like you had fun, though. Our town Christmas Parade is this Saturday night. Everyone's meeting at our house since we are only a block from the parade route. Can't wait!

  2. Oh Mindy, it is so very much fun to see the anticipation on the childrens' faces. Little one and even the bigger ones all seem to enjoy a parade.
    Hoping you are well there in England?


  3. I'm actually in Florida and doing great! We are finally getting a bit of cool weather. Makes it really feel like Christmas is just around the corner! Can't wait for the parade. It starts just at dark and all of the floats have lights on them. Of course, I think the kids favorites might be the lights and sirens on the police cars and fire trucks - but maybe that's because they are always at the start of the parade :)

  4. You sound as though you're having a great time leading up to Christmas. Wish I could be there. It sounds like fum Blessings luv Lesley

  5. Ladies thank you for those cheerful comments, sorry Mindy I forgot, Florida, enjoy the parade and all things leading to Christmas, and Lesley so good to hear the parcel arrived.
    I am off and running today, lots to do, so little time.



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