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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Getting Into The Spirit

How long can these wonderful weather days last, here it is November 10th and while the temperature is hovering around the 48 Fahrenheit (9 Celsius), the sun is shining and we are assured of nearly 10 full hours of daylight.  Whoopee
This is the only view of the water we have left
I realize many of you are into Thanksgiving mode and Christmas really isn't quite fully on your agenda yet, however I did promise to share some of the great craft sites where you can see easy video or written with pictorial tutorials for those Angel ornaments which you might hang on a tree, decorate your home with or even add to a Christmas package.
CRAFT ELF has this darling angel you can make swift and easy isn't this so cute?  I am certain you will fall in love with this Crafter.
Happybirds Crafting Haven shows in this You Tube video  just how to make a very sparkly but light and airy Angel using glitzy wired ribbon.
This little angel is easy to make and versatile. You will honestly love going to Happybirds site time and again because it is packed full of printable instructions and tutorials, recipes, and much more.  I certainly enjoy visiting.
IF you want a different version of a Wired Ribbon Angel, head on over to Crafty This And Thats' Blog, she too has a very interesting blog, chalk full of wonderful craft ideas.  
How cute is this?
NOT to be outdone, Nini Makes shows us how to make a Patchwork Angel which is just the ticket for us quilters, it too is colorful and cute.
I simply don't have the time lately to sit and craft much, but I do appreciate these wonderful Bloggers who have made time to teach anyone wanting to make quick, easy and very nice craft items.
I know the closer Christmas gets I will be trying a few of these on for size.  Our local Lions Club Christmas party isn't too far off and these would make wonderful gifts to give my fellow members and their guests...
Making a collection of these various easy to make ornaments would be a lovely and inexpensive gift to send your secret sister, or as a teacher gift from your child at school, or to whomever you give to at this time of the year and what makes this type of giving special is that once again it is   handmade by you.
Thinking about the "Naked Bed" project I spoke about last night, I remembered the drawer I came across during one of my de-cluttering episodes and pulled them this morning.  Okay, there are only 12 but these log cabin blocks won't take much time to assemble.  As my stash is so humungus it can't hurt to make several more and put a top together.  These were just waiting to be used up.  
PLEASE tell your friends about the Christmas Fabrics Giveaway contest which closes this Saturday with the winner being chosen at random and announced on Monday, November 14th.  Tell them to click on the fabrics photo in the sidebar at the right and it will take them to how to enter.

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