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Friday, November 18, 2011

Weird Huh?

Morning all, I was absent yesterday but with a great excuse, honestly!  Yesterday was drab and dreary and the temperature dipped enough to send snow flying here in the Bay.  While the snow didn't fall for very long it remained very chilly.  Even though the sun is shining here this morning it is still very chilly.
Weird weather can sometimes make me moody and yesterday happened to be one of those unsettling days for me, but, once again I managed two hours of decluttering and I managed to fill another bag of jackets, dresses and slacks which I have not worn nor do I intend to wear anymore!  Got it delivered that to someone whom I know can make good use with its contents.
Not only did I fill up another bag but I also came across one of the last quilts ever made by my paternal grandmother.  Who from an early age and into her married life made utilitarian quilts as necessary bedding for her 10 surviving childrens' beds.  Quilts in those days according to one of my uncles was a necessity not a decoration.  
I cannot help wishing I had been taught quilting by my gran, but sadly she passed before the quilting bug ever got a hold of me.  My gran as you might recall from an older post "My Grandmothers' Sewing Box"  hand cut, hand pieced and hand quilted all of her quilts, she never had a sewing machine, just a trusty pair of scissors along with cardboard templates and needles and thread.  When I saw this quilt again I was reminded of the work the women of yesteryear put into this craft.  Where or how she found or made the time to make these utilitarian quilts with 10 growing children during the depression years I will never know and the surviving aunts cannot even remember how she set up the frame to quilt in their tiny home.  I spread it out on the beds in the spare room so that I could take a picture of it to share.
WHEN my friend Clarence saw it he and his new friend Hippity just had to have their photo taken sitting on top of it.
I have never introduced you to Clarence have I?  Well, Clarence is a very, very special friend, he came from my best friend Els who made him especially for me.  Usually he sits in the lounge rocker in my room and keeps me company and every time I see his smiling face I keep motivated to buck up and smile even when it isn't a great day.  Here he is with Hippity his new found friend, isn't Clarence just too cute for words?
My best friend Els, is not only a quilter, but she also loves to knit and makes these knitted wildlife creatures in all sizes and colors.  She not only makes these wonderful cheeky and cheerful monkeys but bears and rabbits that she has knit in all sizes and color combinations.  Soon some will be in my ETSY SHOP and for sale.  
Here are a few of the Cheeky Monkies she made and a new little Bear named Kees (pronounced case)!
Aren't  theses little playmates so cute?
She had many more but they have all moved on to new arms.  
After decluttering for a few hours it was time to sit and cut out Angels for the Angel Tree project which my local Lions Club sponsors at Christmas.  These paper angels are designated as "Boy" or "Girl", no names, just ages.  Residents of three communities take these angels from the tree and purchase Christmas gifts for children in need and who might not have a Santa gift at all.  Our members get together and wrap and wrap, then these are delivered to the Food Bank where these wonderfully filled Christmas Bags are handed out along with Food Hampers.  These paper angel ornaments now need to be cut out, glued to bristol board, add brightly colored ribbon and get these hung onto the Angel Tree.  
All in all it was a fairly productive day yesterday, even with it being so dull outside and I even managed a few more log cabin blocks for my Basics donation quilt and last night while watching some of my favorite programs on the telly I managed to make a few more hexies for my quilt top. 
Now it is off to the post office to get my Christmas Fabrics into the mail and on their way.  I certainly hope the recipients will enjoy them when they finally arrive into their mail boxes. 
DON'T FORGET I will be hosting another Giveaway for December, stay tuned it will be announced the last week of November.
Thanks for stopping by today, as usual I have been chatting away non-stop so from my friends Clarence and Hippity we wish you a perfect day.

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  1. Hi there, I just tried to leave you a commentbut it was thrown back at me. lol Your inherited quilts are enchanting . I'll e-mail you with the rest of my news Blessings Lesley


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