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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another Great Weather Day

Hello, it's another fantastically gorgeous day here in the Bay which simply could not be ignored.  The temperature in the low 60's and the sun shone for most of the day.  Rain tomorrow, but, hey, we have had several wonderful weather days lately we simply cannot complain.
Sadly, we have lost another senior family member this morning, but he was ready to leave us behind and now he has gone.  Unfortunately we are too far to travel for the funeral, but, we are saddened for ourselves with our loss. 
As promised, I began working on the Trible Trouble blocks, hmmmmm, if you don't pay attention your going to be doing a lot of frog stitching, just ask me, I rediscovered frog stitching today.
Here are the first of the four I managed to correct and look as these are supposed to according to the diagram I have (no pattern, but I did manage to find a diagram).
The colors are not as true as they should be with these blocks, the white you see is actually a light contrasting beige with tiny white stars on them, however, I think once I add more blocks and the top grows it might be interesting.  
I am still pushing for comments and hoping to send someone my small prize.  
There is nothing like exploring your skills when working with a new block, but I am certain many of you have made this quilt block before.  I realize when putting these together that I sometimes have them sewn the wrong way and hence the use of the frog stitching, have any of you this similar problem when your working with this type of block?
Thanks again for stopping by, as I continue to enjoy what is left of the rest of this glorious day, I wish you a grand day too whatever is left of it for you. 


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