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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Final Fall Cleanup and A Christmas Fabric Giveaway

Last week was a very busy week around here for me, much busier than some of those beavers out there. The snow, cannot be too far behind Jack Frost because there was frost on the pumpkin this morning.  BUT what woke me was the sound of my neighbour scraping at the frost on his windshield, brrrrrrr just thinking of snow flying around outside makes me begin to think about Christmas and all of the sewing most quilters are planning these next many days before Christmas. 
Before I tell you about the CHRISTMAS FABRICS I am giving away this month, I just have to show and tell you the mess we created on our property this week!  
For the past many years this property was surrounded by trees, which we loved when we first moved here three plus years ago, but, now that the fall is almost over, and on close inspection of the rag tag looking branches and limbs, it was noticed that something was definitely eating away at their insides.  Consequently, all of the diseased trees and nuisance trees have been evicted from their nested places, cut down, unfortunately in their prime, or so we thought until we spied the hollowed limbs.  What a mess!  I hated to have them chopped down but when something is not well and won't get better then it is time to have them removed. 
Limbs and branches from the front left garden
More piled up from the back of the house
All of the climbing rose bushes were trimmed back
Now the back garden is taking shape

Hey, we can see the street corner now
There is a fence back there!

More leaves to add to the yard waste
Another pile begun
These leaves seem to be endless
The following pictures are of the piles of tree limbs, tree branches and more leaves we have waiting to be carted off the beginning of next week. 
Hopefully when Tuesday rolls around next week all of this debris will be tidied up before the bad weather decides to set in.  Can you believe it, today is November 5th and our weather here in the Bay remains absolutely beautiful, with temperatures ranging in the mid 60's by the time noon rolls around making it very nice to work outside.  I feel a but saddened by the loss of the trees and I am certain all of the birds who nested in them will find it a loss as well.  We are planning to plant  new healthy trees come spring and hopefully a nice landscaping plan will fall into place.  
 All this outside work on the grounds left little time for sewing.
BUT this morning I stole some time from the outside.  I listened to what my best friend said about that Tribble Trouble block I shared with you this week.  She was so right, it was out of color kilter, and this morning I frog stitched and reworked the blocks and this is the end result.  What do you think of it now?  Not as dark and dreary as first sewn?  I believe it looks like it was meant to now, 100% better, don't you think so too?   Thanks Els!!!

Christmas is coming, only 50 days from today which is really just around the corner!  In the spirit of the Christmas and to get you into the spirit,  I have selected FOUR count them, 4 of 9" X 44" pieces of Christmas Fabrics for you to win.  These are simply wonderful!

~Here's how to enter~

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think you might make with these wonderful  
(one entry)

Become a follower of my blog ...make sure you leave me a comment so I know that you did
(one entry)

Blog about my giveaway...make sure you leave me a comment 
so I know that you did
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The giveaway ends on Saturday, November 12th at 11:59 (CST).
The winner will be randomly selected and announced on 
Monday, November 14th. 

Good luck everyone! 

Thanks for stopping by and visiting for awhile this afternoon.  I wish you a very pleasant day. 


  1. I'm sorry about your trees. You will enjoy watching the new ones as they grow. I think your friend was right about the tribble trouble. I like the new version.

    Someday I hope to see your place. It looks lovely.

  2. Judy:

    Maybe some day you will be up in my area and you will stay over and get to see the place, I am sad about the trees, but better we get them out now instead of springl How are you and Ted keeping? Hoping to hear more from you,. Love and Hugs - the Bag Lady - tee hee

  3. I think these fabrics would look great in a tree skirt. Sorry about your trees. We had to cut some down about a year ago because they were rotting from the inside out. It totally changed the look of our yard, but now I can see it was for the better and its been fun coming up with new ideas! Good luck!

  4. I just became a follower of your blog :)

  5. Mindy, ideas for gardens are never hard to come by, what is difficult is getting the gumption to do the work. LOL

    Yes, a Tree skirt might just be the ticket, these are wonderfuil Xmas fabrics.

    The Bag Lady

  6. Hi there. What beautiful fabric. If I were lucky enough to win it I would make a Christmas quilt for my new great grandson. Blessings Lesley

  7. Sorry about the 'anonymous' above. It was the only way I could leave a comment. I tried through my Google account, and WordPress, but it kept spitting me out. By the way I am a follower. Blessings Lesley


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