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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Victoria asks "Can You Help Cover A Naked Bed?"

Over at The Quilting Gallery there is a very special article and request by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, owner of Bumble Beans Inc. I am betting half of you have read this article already but for those of you who may not have read it, you will find within the article that Victoria through her efforts and the generosity of many quilters is attempting to fulfill a request through BASICS a non-profit organization helping those who are homeless.  I could go on about the article, but I believe you might like to read it all for yourselves.
I believe possibly some of us might have an extra top we could turn into a finished quilt very quickly and help Victoria meet the 700 quilt target.  I am working on completing one now, scrappy and warm, so, if you would like to join the many quilters who already donated 300 quilts, possibly we might just help Victoria get to that target number of 700.
I realize there are 1000's of fantastic causes out there which we all support with our quilts in one way or another, but, I cannot imagine what it would be like to be without shelter against the weather, especially now that winter is beginning to arrive, or what I would do without my home and warmth each night?
Being totally dependent on the kindness of others for food and shelter because of some horrible circumstances in your life that was totally not supposed to happen.  
Pat Sloan 
is helping Victoria help Basics reach that 700 quilt goal.  IF you can help, I know whomever your quilt covers will bless you time and again for your generosity. 
A Donated Quilt being presented
Take a look at the names of the Friends this is a page dedicated to the names of all the quilt donors from whom quilts have been received so far.  HOW very exciting to read the names on that list.  Will you add your name?
All right, I am off to choose as many scraps as I can gather tonight so that in the morning I will have a good start to my quilt I wish to donate to the BASICS cause.
I realize this post is a bit late today, but, I have been out shopping for staples and a special gift for myself, a new web cam!  My perfectly great Logitech web cam that I bought years ago and worked well XP on my older computer is no longer compatible with this new computer which runs Windows 7.  Now I can chat with my BESTEST friend while we are quilting, just like we did while I was there with her last month, YEEHA...
Now I can see how Microsoft is a wealthy corporation, every so often you have to upgrade the hardware to be compatible with the software and visa verse...
I promised to share links with you to discover some of those wonderful sites where you can find tutorials and instructions or patterns on how to make ANGELS for all sorts of uses.  Please tune in tomorrow and I will share some of these wonderful sources. 
Thank you so much for visiting again, please, leave a comment to enter into the Christmas Fabrics Giveaway, shown at the top right of my sidebar, this giveaway closes on November 12th, who knows I could be mailing these off to your mail box soon.  Look are these not pretty? 
4 Pieces of 9" x 44"


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