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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Crafting For Christmas

You should be here in the Bay, it is already 60 Farenheit (*15 Celcius) for those of you in Canada and Europe.  What a simply pleasant temperature!  I opened all of the windows in this house taking full advantage of these temperatures while we are blessed with them all of this fresh air is exhilarating.. ENJOYING it while it is still around is my motto.
THE advent of Christmas, one of the best holidays of the year isn't that far off and with this in mind I re-visited some of my favorite crafting Bloggers.  These ladies are some creative and make some of the easiest if not prettiest ornaments and wreaths I have seen.  In this post, I would love to share some with you, these crafters make it easy with their instructions and even tutorials, some of you might also be interested while you ponder how to decorate your home this Christmas, or even something to giveaway in the spirit of this holiday season.
I LOVE WREATHS and I found some ladies who teach you how to make some of these pretties, for instance, FANCYPANTS has a tutorial from Rondas' Blog and shared Rondas' Wreath with her readers, to make this pretty fabric wreath.  So easy and looks so very pretty, wouldn't you agree!  Who wouldn't love to hang this wreath on their front door.  Those of you with an Accuquilt Cutting System could make these petals so quick using that cutting system.
I have made these and they were one of my favorites.  Yesterday while surfing I found them again,  and thank you Jenna from Corgipants
It was just yesterday I discovered Jenna's tutorial posted on WhipUp. These were so pretty and I used them everywhere, sadly these  were lost in the major flooding we had in our house before moving here to Ontario some years ago.  Now I can make more, whooppee.  These even make lovely corsages, or place several in a glass cut bowl as a centerpiece. 
This little Origami paper wreath makes a wonderful hanging ornament, if your intrigued head on over to see the Tutorial from Domesticali.  Are these not just the cutest ornaments?
THESE are the cutest advent pockets I have ever seen!  Children just love the mystery prizes inside and these are recyclable so that year after year the memories created by using them again and again would add a new tradition to your Christmases.  You can find the instructions for these at ALLSORTS who also has a tutorial with pattern pieces for Elf Clogs so fun!  Just go here for the Clogs.
Aren't these cute?
In the blogging world there are 100's if not 1000's of bloggers who create and share their wonderful instructions unselfishly, as someone who isn't very creative, I applaud you and thank you for sharing.  
I am hoping you will join in on the CHRISTMAS FABRICS GIVEAWAY as it closes November 12th, 2011.  Just click on the sidebar picture and it will take you directly to the contest instructions.  
Thank you for taking time from your day to visit with me, come back again tomorrow, you never know what I might share with you then.  Have a perfectly wonderful day today, you deserve to enjoy it to its fullest.

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  1. pues me encanto la corona.. pero si no es mucha molestia me diarias exactamente como hacer las flores porque no entiendo bien el procedimiento pra hacer la flor.. gracias..


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