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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday In The Bay

Now I realize today is considered Black Friday in the States, what with terrific pre-Christmas shopping and all that, but here in the Bay, its also a great Friday and I guess from here on in we can claim Black Friday a day to begin the Angel Tree Project here in the Bay.  I have to tell you the weather is super fantastic too!
The Angel tree has been put up and decorated and before some of the Angels could be hung up on the tree people raided them and at least 20+ had been taken.  We have over 92+ children to buy for this year, certainly half more than last year due to the fact that our local Lions Club have taken over two extra towns.  Sad to note that these children would be going without a gift from Santa under their tree if their names hadn't been placed on a list from the local Food Banks.
I am already using the spare room to hold the gifts I collected today,
if it is anything like last year and what with double the names this year that bedroom will be packed to its rafters and I will need lots of Santa's Elves to help me get the wrapped and out to Santa for delivery and today is but the first day to have the tree up and decorated with Angels.  Apparently our Medical Center has a tree up as well and Angels are hanging on that tree too.  Even our Firefighters are in on this wonderful fast becoming a Bay tradition, they are sponsoring 5 children this year - all I can say is WOW aren't people generous?
Out of scraps I made a fabric wallet which didn't turn out too badly at all, though the pictures here posted don't really do the actual colors justice. 
A few of these wallets in a variety of scrappy colors should do well at the December 3rd sale which my group of "Friends of the Library" are holding on December 3rd.  There are always a number of children shopping for their families at these sales and these tiny fabric items should be just the ticket for those children with a dollar or so saved from their piggy bank.
I found another wonderful blog site for you, it's called Skip To My Lou!  Todays' blog post deals with Christmas and she has exciting advent calendars for you to see and interesting commentary on the spreading of Christmas Cheer as well as lots of wonderful tutorials.  Do visit, you will really enjoy this Blogger very much.
Another wonderful blog is Deck The Halls of Home With Joy and it is there you will find a plethora of Christmas decorating ideas as well as a tutorial for  very classy and pretty "Seasons Greetings Wreath" you will see on your first visit if it is today.  While rummaging through this blog you will find super novel gift wrapping ideas which you might enjoy.
Look who came to visit my inbox this afternoon, more creatures made by my best friend Els.  My oh my he is some cute.  His name is Warm Pete (that is a literal translation) but I will nickname his Petey Pete, rolls off my tongue much easier.  LOL
Together with his new friends, Karel, Kees and Annie aren't these wonderful.  
I thank you so very much for your time you've spent with me this afternoon and do hope to hear from some of you.  You could share something you have made for that someone special this coming Christmas, or, a project you have just completed and would like to share with us.  You are welcome, do contact me and I will share it with everyone.
Do take care out there I understand those of you shopping on this Black Friday have been up before dawn to get a head start on those bargains, so by this time you will be tired and ready to drive home and so will other very tired people, so drive with care.
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