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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Bit of This and a Bit of That

My post today covers a bit of this and a bit of that, and I would like to announce that since I haven't yet heard from the winner and since I cannot find her as a member, rather than have my giveaway a bust, I would like to add  "Anonymous (Lesley *Technoturt*) and Judy" who commented during the giveaway period kindly forward me at your snail mail addresses and I will send you each a package of the same fabrics for your use.  Won't that be fun - THIS MEANS EVERYONE is a winner... Hooray!  
I haven't been up to very much today as my arthritis just isn't co-operating, so I have been taking it rather easy this morning. 
I have however read my e-mail and this is what I found in it which I would like to share with you all this afternoon. 
As a member of Quilting I receive the latest news and ideas, etc. from Janet Wickell.  She always has great things to share with anyone wanting to learn something she has to teach or share within the Quilting genre.  This mornings' letter held a link to an EASY PUZZLE quilt which looks so cute and so colorful as well as it being a very easy pattern, this would make an excellent charitable quilt designated for children.  What do you think?  Here is what it looks like.
Isn't it bright and cheerful?  Thank you Janet Wickell. 
I have also been toying with making something for our Lions Christmas party this December, not only will be wrapping in excess of near 70 gifts for children through out our area, but, usually I make a small gift for the members and guests.  The year before it was a set of coasters, so this year I thought possibly one or more of those little Christmas ornaments I posted about in Crafting For Christmas or Getting Into The Spirit.  Don't you agree these would make wonderful little gifts?  
Many times those of us belonging to volunteer organizations are always on the lookout for wonderful and quick crafts to make as items to sell at fundraisers, so, any one of those ornaments would also make great fundraiser items, small yet easily made and great for selling or giving at this time of the year. 
Well, seeing as the medication I took when I first began writing have kicked in so it is time I thanked you for stopping by and wish you a fantastic day today no matter where in this huge and wonderful world you live. 
Since the meds I took for my arthritis are kicking its time to get back to sewing more blocks for the Basics charity quilt. 
I would so very much enjoy hearing from you, the reader, won't you leave me a comment?  Possibly an idea of what you might like to read in future posts?

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