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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pass The Pasta Please?

It is at this time of the year when the children are getting hyped waiting for Santa to arrive.  Why not involve them in making some of these wonderful PASTA ornaments?  Oh how I remember the happy smiling faces of the children when they created a Christmas ornament or table display.  They were so very proud of themselves and their creations, and it only takes Pasta, Glue, colored string or ribbon and paint, what fun for them and for you.
TAKE this cute tree angel ornament 
made from pasta and nicely set out instructions from Craftily Everafter
At another site which is entirely devoted to All things Christmas.  It is a site I frequent a lot and has Christmas decorating, stories, crafts,graphics, cards, quotations, songs, traditions, printables, recipes, games, shopping and more from Altogether Christmas and it is from there you will find instructions which you can print off to make this very pretty table Christmas Tree Ornament, and these can be painted any color to match this seasons' decor.
Isn't this just a beautiful little tree?
Now if you want to head on over to Kaboose  this is where you will find  instructions on just how to make the cutest tree elf!  Isn't he just a darling? 
He or she can be so cute and bring a smile to anyone's face! WHILE your visiting KABOOSE take a look at the Cookie Recipes - 12 different cookies using just one dough mixture.  What fun!
For those of you who enjoy making folded blocks or in this case folded ornaments, if you watch this very silent but explicit video you can see just how easy those pretty folded ornaments can be made. 
FOR the table you could head over to About for a variety of instructions on table centerpieces or to VideoJug where she will show you just how it all can come togehter.  These centerpieces make wonderfully inexpensive gifts for neighbors, friends or shut ins in your area.
This is such a wonderful season for children and for those of us who love to create and enjoy the fullness of the season so while you warm some spicey apple and cinnamon pot-pouri and turn up the volume of the Christmas music you and the children can have alot of pleasure while waiting for Santa.  
Now if you would love to have some quiet time for your children or grandchildren you could print off a miriad of Christmas Coloring pages for them to color from here!  
Just before sleep children need some quiet time to help the sandman get started on his sleep rounds, so to this end you can find lots and lots of wonderful Christmas stories to print out and read to them at bedtime.  You could also print these off and make a book out of them just to have on hand when your travelling, works like a charm.
Thank you for sharing some of your time with me today, stay safe, have fun and enjoy the seasonal fun. 


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