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Monday, November 7, 2011

A Pretty Day for Dreaming

Another very pretty day is shaping up and the temperatures are near 59F, I am not certain how long this wonderful weather trend will last but while it is here I am making the time to enjoy it!  
That huge mound of tree limbs and branches in the center of the small front garden has been loaded into a truck and carted off, now all we have to do is get rid of the remaining mounds and I might just have a neat property ready to accept the mounds of snow we manage to receive each winter. 
One Huge Pile Removed
Now that I am back inside with a fresh cup of coffee at the ready I took a look around my sewing area and all of my dreams for my kind of sewing room came rushing in.  You know those "some day" dreams?  I could not resist the urge to go web surfing to see if I could find a DO IT YOURSELF site which might just show me how to get that "someday, I will have" dreamy sewing studio with the pieces of furniture that fit my needs and size.  I found several and you might enjoy seeing what some other creative people have accomplished. 
I believe many of you quilters are like myself, on a strict budget when it comes to your sewing room furnishings.  Am I right?  Of course I am right, and like one of the bloggers said you need the extra money you save on these items to "buy gobs and gobs of fabrics".  Of course she is right I totally agree with her. 
Over the years since I began quilting the idea of having my own large enough sewing area has been a dream, but, like so many, I have had to make do with the space I had or the storage solutions my wallet could accommodate.
Many times I hear and have read of and by quilters who have been fortunate to find just that right table for her purpose, or, have been lucky to get that just right sewing area.  Cutting and sewing tables are really important to our health, have the wrong heights can be detrimental to our posture, our backs and muscled arms and shoulders.  Not only is the right furnishing helpful health wise, but so much more comfortable for those who spend hours and hours at their craft. 
Not only new and improved for my size cutting, ironing and sewing surfaces are desirable, but nifty and neat storage solutions have always been of great interest to me and in this vein I went looking for some inexpensive solutions.
I discovered a number of bloggers who addressed the "cheap" method of gaining these much desired items and some even took a great deal of time in showing how to acquire just that and I would like to share some of these links with you today.
Beginning with "How Joyful"  where she shows you her idea and had her father-in-law help her to create.  Pretty nice table for a small amount of cash outlay.
Then there is "Sukie" now this is quite different, but also a great way to acquire a sewing table.
On You Tube  Crazyshortcutquilts shows in 3 videos just how to make your sewing and ironing surface your way. Kind of neat, don't you think?  Of course my DIY enthusiasm hasn't reached this point yet, I want what I want, but at this time in my life I haven't the energy to go and get all of this stuff because I simply do not have any of it laying about this house.
Then I came across Susan Wrights' web article, while she was at New Mexico State University.  Susan actually drew renderings of this idea and actually provides measurements and comments, which I found very helpful.
A little further into my search I discovered Ana Whites' blog wherein she sets out the Craft Table Top for The Modular Collection.  Nice, this is the type of surface with storage that I think I would enjoy having in my sewing room.
The Piece de resistance is from "Diary Of A Renaissance Seamstress" who managed to sum up what I believe my sewing room should look like. 
All in all these ladies are creative and used their imaginations to achieve the end result they were seeking. 
WHAT do you want in your sewing room?  I would love to hear all about it and have you share it with us, all ideas on how to do it yourself are appreciated.
A huge Thank you to the various women set out in the links above for their wonderful ideas and ingenuous ideas and creativity.
Thank you for visiting today, and don't forget my Christmas Fabric Giveaway as set out in Saturday, November 5th post. 
These could be yours and still in time to use them this year.  
The first suggestion from a new follower says possibly use them in a Tree Skirt - great idea Mindy, thank you!
Thank you for stopping by today, make it one of your best,  because it is a special day seeing as we are all above ground and doing something!


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