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Friday, December 16, 2011

Today Is A Wrap

Good Saturday morning to you all

TODAY is the last day for the BLOG HOP, and don't I wish it could go on and on, but, there is always the New Year and more Giveways and fun is planned in 2012. 
If you haven't had the opportunity to surf the hundreds of blogs of  participating Bloggers,  I urge you to try for it today because today is the very last day for you to get in on it.  You may still still enter MY GIVEAWAY HERE before it closes this evening at 11:59.
I am hoping that all of our new found followers remain friends long after this Blog Hop is over, and while I do not always blog about my quilting and crafts, I do try to keep you interested, at least I hope what I write about is interesting.  So stick around after the party is over, 2012 should be a very interesting year!!
Speaking for myself as a Blogger, and I am betting for all of the other Bloggers taking part in this Anniversary Blog Hop, having so  the visitors come and check us out and receiving the many very nice comments that have been left, and happy to have been a visitor myself with my co-participant bloggers this week. 
MICHELE  from The Quilting Gallery puts in a great deal of time so that you, the reader will enjoy her blog and those blogs that we all write and I thank her for her time and her insights in respect to the Quilting Community.  We just love The Quilting Gallery, and every week there is much activity going on there.
I delivered over 15 dozen cookies yesterday and silly me, I neglected to take pictures of the 15 dozen!!  I made so many varieties I lost count, and, the lady who ordered them had an afternoon appointment, so, I hurried over and dropped the off and forgot to take the camera with me!  
Now, its time for me to bake for the house, already a batch of shortbreads
and a batch of peppermint candy canes
and a huge pot of chili are done

and the chili has been me tested already and it tastes "hot"!
Now, all I need now is to clear off the work surface, hit the shower and get ready to wrap...I will leave the party early and drive into town to pick up a friend who is coming home for Christmas from Hong Kong.
Tomorrow I will host my own wrapping party and have invited me, myself and I to participate.  
Monday has been set aside to clean the whole house, these floors really need taking care of because everyone and his uncle Sam have been here delivering and picking up and I hadn't the heart to make them take their shoes off...LOL Then, I plan a long soak in a bubble bath to get rid of the aches and pains (kinks) and get ready to welcome the senior lady of the house back from her Caribbean cruise, all tanned and ready to relay her orders for what she believes I still have to do before I leave to travel 7 hours to my sons for Christmas....whooppee
I know Christmas comes the same date every year and every year I am never really quite ready.  Oh well, do what you can and the rest somehow comes together, that is part of the magic of Christmas.
I confess, I long for the "old" days, my olden days to be exact, I had a business, a family, parents that lived away, and somehow those Christmases were magical, and Christmas eve was the best time of all, soft caroles playing in the background, hot coffee spiced with just the right amount of cinnamon and my feet up looking at the decorated tree with all those pretty wrapped parcels beneath it and then on to bed at the end of my day to get ready to face the 6 or 6:30 get up from the excited shouts of the little ones downstairs jumping for joy at all that Santa left.
What is your magic moment during Christmas?
Write me a comment and tell me in at least 25 words all about the magic of your Christmases past, then Mr. Random and I get together we will choose another winner apart from this Blog Hop and send you a SURPRISE and don't fret, it will be a decent surprise!
So there, I'll share my magic of Christmas past with yours.


  1. i used to just love christmas as a child - but nothing compared to my little brother's love of it! he would get up hours before everyone else, and just go sit in a chair in the living room, staring at how BEAUTIFUL the tree was... and then wake us all up at the pre-determined time. now, as an adult, it's all about watching my kiddos discover that baby jesus is in the nativity set, and that the pile of presents under the tree is enough to make their eyes almost pop out of their head. love it.

  2. As a parent, my favorite memories are of my children gathered around the tree opening their gifts. Seeing their expressions as they open each package and their excitement. I also love to stand around the piano with all of the family as my mother-in-law plays and we sing together. We have our own choir with over 25 family members singing along!

  3. I loved the Christmases when my children still believed in Santa! Leaving a mince pie for him and a carrot for his reindeer! putting their stockings out on Christmas Eve to be filled! Somehow the magic has gone now! until grandchildren I suppose!
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  4. Christmas eve was always the night that our tree went up when we were young. As we didn't have much our dad taught us to sing in 8 part harmony. As the tree was decorated, we sang our carols and many nights we had our neighbors standing outside listening. It has been many years since we all have been home together at this time of year, all of us with family of our own now, but the tradition of the tree trimming on the eve of Christmas carries on. As does the singing with whomever makes it home.

  5. Both sets of my grandparents lived very close by where I grew up. We would all go to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. A wonderful memory. Thanks.

  6. Christmas is the time for comfort, for good food, laughter, warmth and long talks beside the fire: it is the time for home. My memories are of spending Christmas in Germany, My husband and I had traveled with another couple to the town of Berchtesgaden in Bavaria. We were all young newlyweds. Sonia was heavily pregnant, when we arrived in Berchtesgaden there were no rooms to be had on the night before Christmas Eve. We parked our car walked up a winding path through a church grave yard, every grave had a candle burning beside it, it was so beautiful, wit hthe snow covered Alps in the background. We found a Gasthof at the top of the Hill and had the most wonderful meal of rich German food. The fire was burning and we were so comfortable just talking and sharing our stories. The waitress was able to point us in the direction of an Inn, where we were able to find accommodations. We were four young people, far from our parents, but we found "home"that night. This is one of my favourite memories of my very first Christmas away from my family. Merry Christmas to all.

  7. OK - I am datng myself here, but my family used to travel 24 hours from North Carolina to Kansas every Christmas to celebrate with my grandmother. This is BEFORE the age of the ever-present Interstate, so much of our trip took place on smaller highways that passed right through towns and cities. I, being the youngest, was relegated to the third seat in our station wagon (yep - the one that faced backward). Sounds horrible, right?!? No - it was wonderful! I so enjoyed watching the landscape change as we passed from region to region. However, the best thing was the Christmas lights! I would just stare in awe as the treasures rolled into my sight (and facing backward gave me the best and longest view!). I am afraid my children will never have that same sense of wonder because they are absorbed in one of the many "screens" INSIDE the car. I try, though - screaming "Vista! Vista!" until I get an "Oooh" or "Ahhh" or even "Wow!" out of them! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


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